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3rd Party Apps Integration with Zoho Platform

Zoho API provides the opportunity to integrate the CRM not only with other Zoho products but other 3rd party programs. We can connect your CRM to Zoho products such as Forms, Survey, Books, Invoice, Subscription, Projects etc. More importantly we can connect the CRM to other programs so it can talk to any other application using different programming languages. Boosted CRM experts have been using Zoho CRM’s API combined with PHP and HTML 5 to create interactive, responsive design in more than 1,000 different projects.

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About Our Zoho Integration Services

How much time do your employees waste collaborating over emails, in meetings, searching for the proper documentation, or trying to track down clients? Zoho CRM is here to streamline your entire business, and to save you money while it happens, but, without proper integration, you are not even scratching the surface. We make that possible to help companies focus on the work that actually matters.

With CRM integration, every aspect of your business becomes available online. That means no more carrying laptops around. A remote workforce can be just as effective as the one in the office. Collaboration between employees becomes much more efficient too. Documents can be saved, accessed, and edited in real time. That means no more waiting around for employees to exit out of a document and emailing the same version back and forth. On top of that, because Zoho integration means applications are located online, less money needs to be spent on the computers running them. They can be accessed practically anywhere there is an internet connectivity.

How else can a Zoho integration consultant help your business? When we deploy the CRM, we are shifting your team into high gear. Detailed statistics can be gathered about your employees’ performance as well as current business methods and sales tactics. Zoho CRM will allow you determine what works and what doesn’t. Losing customers at a specific part of the sales funnel? Zoho will help your company determine exactly where, and why. 

Zoho CRM Integration With Mailchimp, WordPress and More

Automatically send emails with perfect timing with Zoho CRM integration with Mailchimp. There is a science to email marketing, and automation is the best way to handle it. 

Does your business website run on WordPress? Then you need Zoho CRM integration with WordPress. How would you like to get new leads with opt-in forms on your WordPress website, and get them into your automated sales funnel with Mailchimp and the Zoho CRM. That is without a massive dedicated email marketing staff.

Zoho CRM Integration With QuickBooks

How does your company keep its books? Zoho API integration can handle your accounting, too. The old way of wrangling sales figures from Excel and combining them with expenses from employees just leaves a business open to clerical or human errors. Zoho CRM integration with QuickBooks keeps track of everything automatically. As long as the Zoho system is in charge, the possibility of key figures getting left out goes down.

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There is a reason that the most successful companies are shifting over to CRM automation and cloud-based computing. Contact our Zoho integration consultant to find out just how much the right CRM can help your business.

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