Helping Field Services accelerate productivity through Zoho Integrations with Zuper

Equip your sales team with Zuper Field Service Management integrated into Zoho CRM, enabling seamless conversion of deals into service requests in an instant.

Zuper+Zoho Integration Benefits

Zoho CRM powers 150,000 businesses globally, helping convert leads, engage customers, and drive revenue growth. Zuper, a top field service management , is now on the Zoho marketplace. Seamlessly sync your leads, deals, and contacts from Zoho CRM into Zuper for efficient scheduling, dispatching, and field service management.

Automatically Sync Your Leads, Prospects, And Contacts On Zoho As Zuper Customers

Integrate Zuper with Zoho CRM to effortlessly onboard leads, prospects, and contacts as customers in Zuper. Connect your sales and customer service teams to enhance the overall customer experience.

Schedule Your Zoho Deals As Service Work Orders Automatically In Zuper

With Zuper integrated into Zoho CRM, sales teams can easily convert deals into service requests. The customer service team can efficiently schedule and dispatch the appropriate field workforce to handle these service requests.

Track All Your Customer Service Work Orders Within Zoho CRM

Simplify your field service workflow with Zuper integrated into Zoho CRM. Track work orders, empower technicians with quotations, smart scheduling, dispatching, work order management, inventory control, and invoicing—all in one place.

Zoho applications which have integrations with Zuper

How Zuper and Zoho integration can help facilitate a two-way sync of data between Zoho and Zuper and improve customer experience

Zoho CRM

Zoho crm allows the creation of deals and manages the entire sales life cycle, a zoho deal is pushed to Zuper as a work order to facilitate service installation and inspection

Zoho Inventory

Helps track the consumption of parts and services by your field team

Zoho Books

Syncs the invoices estimates and payment related data from Zuper to streamline your accounting process and finally

Zoho Projects

Converts any task or issue to a Zuper work order instantly 

Zoho Calendar

Converts any task or issue to a Zuper work order instantly 

Zoho people

Seamlessly captures the day in day out time off and timesheet data submitted by field teams in the Zuper mobile app

Zoho Projects

Simplifies customer service by connecting with Zuper in real time to retrieve status updates and job progress

Zuper + Zoho Solutions

Create delightful customer experiences with the powerful combination of Zuper and Zoho.

Work Order Management

Automate and prioritize job requests, technician schedules and dispatching all in one place for more efficient operations and improved workflows.

Mobile Application

Connect your field service technicians with all tools they need to focus on what they do best, delivering exceptional customer service.

Field Service Scheduling

With easy-to-use drag and drop scheduling, you can assign new jobs and automatically assign based on availability, proximity, and qualifications.

Intelligent Dispatching

Intelligent dispatching efficiently allocates jobs so that the right person is always at the right place with the right information, every time.

Location Intelligence

Location intelligence helps you accurately track time, GPS, and mileage – saving you costs on fuel and payroll and keeping customers updated.

Timesheet Management

Monitor technician work hours, locations, clocking in and out, and with customizable payment plans, overtime, and project details.

Customer Management

When customer experience is the key to success, field service businesses need the right data, insights, and technology to fulfill customer expectations.

Field Service Asset Management

Manage your customers asset lifecycle, automate preventive maintenance tasks, reduce costs and optimize productivity and efficiency.

Invoice Management

Simplify invoicing by handling service modifications, streamlining your payments, and getting paid on the field or in the office.

Contract Management

Edit, search, sign, and store your contracts in one place, making it work with your jobs and assets and plan preventative maintenance tasks.

Estimate Management

Create customizable estimates with a few clicks, so you can get faster decisions from the client to prioritize job opportunities on the go.

App Integrations

Integrate with industry-leading CRM, ticketing, accounting, and other apps

Industry-Leading Integrations

Zuper offers premier integrations with best-in-class CRM, service, ticketing, communications, collaboration, accounting, ERP and other apps.

Reporting and Analytics

Run reports based on field jobs created, scheduled or finished jobs to gain instant insights on performance, productivity, and profitability.

Digital Payments

Start accepting credit, debit, e-checks/ACH payments online, on-mobile, or in-person, as well as through digital payment methods like Stripe.

Industry We Serve

Flexible and Customizable for Your Industry
  • Commercial & Residential Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Roofing
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing Service
  • HVAC
  • Pool Maintenance
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Solar or Renewable Energy

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