BoostedCRM - Partner Program

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Partner Program

The following set of rules will lay out a very simple lucrative way of distributing Boosted CRM gross income among the referral partners.

  1. If you refer a new client to Boosted CRM, you will receive 10% of the gross income generated from the new client projects for the life cycle of that referral.

How the commission will be tracked

The moment you refer a new client, you will have access to BoostedCRM partner portal where you can see the status of the sales (From the CRM) and the Income generated form that client (Zoho Books Paid invoices) as well as your monthly commissions.

Boosted CRM Partner Portal

In this portal you as a partner will see all accounts you have referred to BoostedCRM with all details and the status of the Deal(s) as well as the invoice status sent to those referrals and a check will be sent or a credit note will be added to your account based on your preferences.


This partner program can potentially generate a recurring source of income for the partners for as long as the referred client works with Boosted CRM.

Each client will automatically become a Boosted CRM partner as soon as they refer another client.