Business Process Automation in Zoho CRM

Execute a business process in a well defined systematic manner that is free from loopholes! Your business is already loaded with automated tasks and workflows. When you receive a letter in the mail, someone opens it, and/or it gets delivered to the responsible party. When an order is processed, an invoice is generated and sent to the client. 

Now with the assistance of the experienced consultants at Boosted CRM your Zoho CRM environment will soon be fortified with well-organized workflow automations further increasing the efficiency of your sales organization and ensuring that no leads, tasks, alerts, follow-ups or invoices are neglected or fall through the cracks. 

laptop with connection to different applications showing examples of automation

Strategically planned, carefully executed automated tasks can increase lead conversions by performing tasks such as automatically assigning new leads to a specific sales team member, sending an auto response email to the lead, notifying sales management of high-value opportunities and much more. 

Zoho CRM is ready for your sales operations workflow rules and triggers, however there are likely many automated rules and functions you haven’t even considered – and that’s where Boosted CRM can help. 

Our Zoho-certified consultants can help you run your business more efficiently, through workflow automation and training on how to fully utilize the power of Zoho applications for your business. 

Here are a few of Zoho CRM Automation Features

  • Zoho Workflow Automation
    Workflow Rules in Zoho CRM are different actions, like email notifications, task assignment and field updates that are executed when certain conditions are fulfilled.
  • Zoho Blueprint 
    A top-down, locked automated processes, with actions before, during, and after each stage.
  • Approval Processes.
    Send important deals, documents, projects and more to other stakeholders and obtain approvals to move forward.
  • Schedules
    User-defined or recurring events that trigger an unlimited set of sequences.
  • Custom Functions
    Custom-tailored triggers that initiate third-party or other Zoho applications.
  • Lead Assignment Rules
    Assign leads to users based on a various criteria.
  • Case Escalation Rules
    Assign cases to users not originally assigned based on actions.
  • Lead Scoring Rules
    Not all leads have the same potential. Score leads based on web activities.