Migration ACT to Zoho CRM

migrating data and configuration from ACT to Zoho CRM.

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ACT to Zoho CRM Migration

Boosted CRM migration team offers an exclusive service for migrating data and configuration from ACT to Zoho CRM. ACT backup files first need to be restored as a MS SQL database before we can have access to the actual data. Boosted CRM utilizes specific software programs to extract data from ACT. If the database is large the extraction of data can takes a few hours. When the extraction is completed, then we will have access the spreadsheets of records for your Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Notes, Attachments, etc.

While the data is being migrated, we will help you clean up your data, get rid of unnecessary modules/fields and configure your Zoho account to be prepared for the final migration. Along with the migration, we can also migrate all your workflow automation.

The most accurate way for us to provide you with a cost/timeline analysis would be to take a look at your backup file. Please make a full backup and use Dropbox or Google drive to share the backup file with us. For more info, please contact us.

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