Zoho Client Portal

Zoho Client Portal - Fully responsive PHP/HTML5 Integration

Zoho custom client portal can be used for your clients, partners, affiliates, franchisee. Your clients will see what you want and do what you want inside the portal. The portal will directly work with your Zoho CRM and/or Books database.

Video Script


00:00 hello this is mark from boosted CRM and

00:03 today I’m going to show you how you can

00:05 create a login portal for Zoho CRM which

00:08 is going to be interactive and working

00:11 with your zones here and back and forth

00:13 to capture information submit and show

00:16 it to your affiliates in this case we

00:19 have created this login portal for

00:22 affiliates of a company that they can

00:25 log into the they can sign up they can

00:28 login submit’ leads and see the

00:31 processing of the clients they submitted

00:34 and how much loan basically has been

00:36 processed for them so that they can they

00:39 get the Commission for them let me show

00:41 you so this is a whole account and

00:43 basically here is the login portal what

00:47 happens is that news new affiliates can

00:51 simply come here and sign up and

00:54 existing affiliates can basically just

00:57 log into the system and get to the

01:00 portal this portal everything here that

01:03 you see is interacted with law CRM

01:06 working with loaded CRM database and

01:09 this is a fully responsive form and by

01:13 that I mean if I wanna run this

01:16 application in any kind of device like

01:21 iPad or iPhone or any smartphone this is

01:24 going to work and as you can see even

01:26 the tables on this form can change and

01:30 so that you can simply see the rules by

01:32 clicking on this small prof sign so let

01:35 me just go back to the functionality of

01:39 the system and affiliate can sign up log

01:41 into the system and start submitting

01:44 clients to your CRM so basically when

01:48 they submit a new client here it’s going

01:50 to become a lead inside the host CRM and

01:53 it’s going to be associated with the

01:55 affiliate who submits this information

01:58 so the affiliate can see all the leads

02:01 that he has submitted and also he can

02:04 see if there has been any loan

02:06 processing for that client in this

02:08 particular example there is nothing to

02:11 show here but as soon as this clause

02:14 is that this I feel it sub me to start

02:17 processing alone it will show up here so

02:19 they can click on it and go to the other

02:22 page and see the status of the loan that

02:23 they are getting through this client

02:25 that we have and at the end the

02:28 affiliate can get their commission and

02:30 they can see their commission in real

02:32 time and also basically they can submit

02:39 clients as I mentioned they can see

02:41 bunch of resources here which is

02:43 whatever you want to post on CRM again

02:46 there is a module inside the CRM called

02:48 resources and if I post a new record

02:51 here and attach a new document it’s

02:54 going to show inside the portal to all

02:57 their felix so if you want to publish

03:00 information to them send the new

03:01 documents newsletters whatever you can

03:04 do it inside though and they will fit

03:07 inside basically there yeah here is an

03:13 example inside the portal so that’s it

03:16 that’s an example of having a client

03:19 fold whole that is fully interactive

03:21 it’s all CRM and it’s going to work for

03:23 you and for your clients if you want to

03:26 give them access as a login and you want

03:28 to show them part of the information

03:30 inside though we can create it for you

03:32 this is a PHP fully responsive web

03:35 application that you have created if you

03:38 want something like that to be created

03:40 for your clients and for your zou

03:42 account please contact us go to booster

03:45 serum calm and contact us and we will

03:49 help you create a login photo for your

03:51 clients thank you very much and have a

03:53 good day