Unlock the potential of Zoho Client Portal to enhance client satisfaction, streamline operations, and supercharge efficiency for partners, affiliates, referrals, and clients.

Zoho Client Portal

Why your business needs a client portal?

Zoho client portal can streamline client interactions, drive efficiency, and enhance satisfaction. Seamlessly integrated with Zoho CRM and/or Books, our custom portal delivers unrivaled convenience.


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Benefits of implement a Zoho Client Portal for clients, partners, affiliates, and franchisees

Integration with Zoho CRM/Books

Increased efficiency and productivity

Improved customer experience

Time and
cost savings

Streamlined processes and workflows

Scalable and flexible solution

Enhanced collaboration and communication

Personalized and branded experience

Secure data access and confidentiality

Zoho Client Portal - Partner/Referrer Portal

Zoho Client Portal is a versatile platform that caters to your clients, partners, affiliates, and franchisees. With this user-friendly portal, you can showcase the information you want and empower users to perform desired actions. Seamlessly integrated with your Zoho CRM and/or Books database, it simplifies collaboration and ensures smooth operations. Experience the convenience of Zoho Client Portal for seamless client interactions.

Zoho Custom Portal - Fully responsive CURL Integration

Introduction to a custom portal integrated with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk. The portal, offers functionalities such as accessing custom modules, managing tickets, and tracking projects. Clients can view proposals, services, contracts, locations, and inventory. They can also create and monitor tickets, download attachments, and track project tasks and milestones.

zoho Custom Portal

It enables businesses to customize the portal’s design, layout, and functionality to match their brand and specific use case, providing a unique and tailored experience for users.

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Zoho Custom Portal - Healthcare

we integrated the custom portal with Zoho CRM and Zoho Books, ensuring smooth communication and streamlined operations. Our client wanted a hassle-free payment process, so we set up direct payments to their Stripe account.

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