Mj3 Partners Case Study

Case Study: Mj3 Partners

Company Profile:

Mj3 Partners is a recruitment consultancy that provides talent management services based in Boston, MA. They have an experienced team of professionals ready to seamlessly assist with in recruiting projects. Their results-driven recruitment model offers tremendous flexibility over costly traditional recruitment methods. With Mj3 Partners, their clients receive the benefit of impactful engagement, market intelligence, and quality results.

Problem Statement:

Mj3 Partners had made a few attempts to automate the business process of tracking time for hours spent on each job application and reporting of the business with different cloud systems and they all failed. Without an automated process and KPI, tracking and billing the customers per job application were very slow and ineffici9ent both in terms of entering the data, tracking the data and getting the right reports and dashboard were crucial for Mj3 Partners business to succeed and scale. 

Our Solution:

Boosted CRM provided advanced Zoho CRM using Bluerprint automation and Widget solutions along with the dataflow of the system that significantly enhanced the business operations. The implementation of the new system and data migration from the legacy system to Zoho CRM took about 2 months and Mj3 Partners have been relying n the automated process ever since.


After working on the design and implementation for several weeks, Mj3 Partners’ lead nurturing and billing processes have become automated and streaemline. As a result,  the management team needs minimum effort to complete a full process which used to take a whole lot of time before.

Client’s Comment:

We were searching for someone help us solve a gap in our business process.  We made several attempts at building a solution through excel and various databases.  We finally landed with Mark and Boosted CRM.

Mark listened as we explained our attempts at a solution and then presented us with a couple of thoughtful options along with process flows.  He was able to recognize our issues and create an automated solution that significantly enhance our business operation.

We rely on that automated process and it has not failed us.  As a result, we continue to come back to Boosted CRM with problems, challenges, and situations.  They have been a tremendous partner.

Technologies Used: Zoho CRM, blueprints, Zoho writer, Zoho sign, Custom Widgets

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