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Zoho Writer

Brainstorming, ideating, and collaborating – these are some of the most creative moments when it comes to content creation. Whether we’re playing around with ideas or just need a place to transfer our inspiration, there are times when recording those nuggets are essential into moving a project into activation. We’ve come a long way in the past several decades – from the days of writing essays and taking notes in spiral notebooks to the times when we can use our word processor to jot down ideas with greater ease due to typing and revision control to current day – when we can collaborate these ideas with others in real time. Because so much of our regular lives now move faster than ever and use technology to bring us to the finish line more efficiently, your tool for taking these ideas down needs to be innovative and top of the line.

This is where Zoho Writer comes into the playbook. No matter how you currently use your word processor, this tool will bring your idea storage to the next level. With optimum collaboration and easy formatting tools, you’ll be able to present your ideas with key stakeholders in any way that you see fit, in an environment that can easily interact and connect with other tools and resources to help move your business to the next level. Here are just a few ways the product can work with your teams to offer simplicity, saved time, and ultimately, greater results.

  • Collaboration in a time when it matters the most

There was a time when we used to relay documents that were in progress via email or even in hard copy for feedback, revision, or addition. This was incredibly time-consuming, waiting on others to relay materials back. There was also the ever-present concern of version control and ensuring that all stakeholders were using and referencing the most up to date version, which was difficult to manage and control. With Zoho Writer, all stakeholders can access the document at once and in real time, thanks to the cloud, meaning that this will save incredible time, eliminate tedious back-and-forth, and even observe the thought processes of multiple people at once. Zoho Writer is a birds-eye view into creative collaboration and efficient project management.

  • Space and layout similar to familiar products for ease of adjustment

Regardless of how your teams are utilizing Zoho Writer, the tool is inspired by simplicity so that you can create, brainstorm, and ideate in a landscape without distraction or complication. When clutter becomes a part of the layout of any product, it can be an incredible disruption to productivity – the user is worried about not utilizing all of the features or becomes distracted with all of the capabilities, missing out on key moments of inspiration and productivity. This was deliberate, as the design was also created based off other word processing platforms that your team members have used in the past so that there’s no concern over a learning curve or a transition time period. You can choose to hide specific tools or bars and use only what you need so that your focus is solely devoted to what you’re creating.

Zoho Writer

  • Integration with tools your teams already use for optimum delivery and results

Similar to the clean and spacious layout of other word processing tools that your teams may have used in the past, Zoho Writer also includes features that will improve their production process for easier delivery. One of the greatest benefits of using Zoho Writer is the ability to integrate with WordPress – if your business uses this tool for content creation, your writers will be able to upload content directly to the page without the need to transform or complicate your process strategy. You’ll also be able to use other Zoho products and integrate them accordingly as you see fit that will help improve your regular processes. No matter how you use them, your teams will appreciate the simplification and the ease with which they can use Zoho Writer.

  • Easy export capabilities for various needs and expectations

Once your process within the Zoho Writer is complete, you’ll also be able to take advantage of how you choose to format the content as it makes the most sense for your final delivery. If you need to convert it back to an original Microsoft Word destination, do so easily and quickly. For deliverability, you’ll also be able to convert and export the content into a PDF to retain format and protect from revision. You’ll even be able to integrate signature collection for even faster delivery on documents that require official sign-off from key stakeholders or from your vendors.

  • Easy access across multiple devices

Inspiration can hit at any moment, and when we experience those moments of clarity or direction, we want to have the tools that we need to act on that moment of creativity. And just like practically everything else in our world these days, Zoho Writer is available on any mobile device, allowing your teams to work on what they need to work on at any moment, no matter where they are. This will move processes and keep them in motion, and with easy integration with the other Zoho apps that are also available on any device, your team members will be able to get anything done, at any moment.

Zoho Writer

Regardless of how your company uses your word processor, having the opportunity to use cloud capabilities for optimum collaboration and teamwork is a win for Zoho Writer. It will bring your departments closer together when it comes to idea-sharing, and your specific content creation teams will appreciate the ability to convert directly into your chosen blog platform or into other document versions to satisfy specific deliverability needs. In a time when we’re moving faster than ever, Zoho Writer allows your teams to stay up to speed so that you can work together to deliver on client and customer expectations and ensure that your internal strategies continue to be competitive and innovative.

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