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Zoho Docs

Our advanced technology and innovative solutions for communication and production have made us accustomed to moving at faster speeds and completing projects at expedited timing. What once may have taken us a month to complete may now only take us a week, thanks to all the tools we have in place to automate and produce faster.

We’re also way better at multi-tasking, also thanks to this increased technology – we can now operate with multiple platforms running at once, and with automation working for us, so much of our process can be done without us even blinking an eye. These expedited processes, however, also require more collaboration across teams, and as we all adapt to more virtual and remote work, your company needs a system in place that can cater to that need of optimum collaboration and speed.

This is where Zoho Docs comes in to help. As a cloud-based document storage solution, your teams can work within this platform to share important documents with one another, brainstorm new ideas, work on cross-department presentations, or share up-to-the-minute data and charts. No matter what it is, all of these pieces can be shared and worked on in real-time, removing the need for tedious version control or slow email delivery with the dreaded file size issues. Here are just a few ways that Zoho Docs helps to remove those issues and brings your company to the next level of collaboration.

  • Online file storage to help you stay in control

One of the most amazing benefits of living in this digital age is the cloud. This capability allows us essentially infinite storage of our documents and materials without the need of our hard drive or even a flash drive. We’ve learned that with the cloud, we can save so much time and move processes and projects along at such expedited rates that it only makes sense that businesses all over the world are adapting to this new filing system.

Zoho Docs

With Zoho Docs, you can store all kinds of materials in the cloud – from documents and presentations to images and even video or music. The benefit of doing this is that you can access these pieces from anywhere as long as you have access to your web-based cloud. This can be from your personal computer or even your mobile device, allowing you to move and access faster than ever before.

And just like your hard drive or your flash drive, you can organize these files in the best way that makes sense to you. You can even model your organization based off what was working for you previously in your former storage system.

  • Suite of Zoho Docs capabilities and products to keep your processes in motion

Operating with Zoho Docs in the cloud means that you can collaborate in ways that you couldn’t before. With built-in Zoho Office products, you can use these tools in the same ways you did before but with greater advantages and capabilities.

Writer is the same as it was before, but since it has cloud-capabilities, you can invite others to view and edit the document with you in real-time. The advantage of this is that you won’t have to wait for the document to go back-and-forth via email, and you won’t have to worry about version control, as the changes and comments are made in real-time. You can then transfer the content where it needs to go, whether it’s a draft of a social post or content for a blog post.

If you share data with teams on a regular basis or track information that would be helpful to other teams, Zoho Sheets can be shared on the drive as well so you can share the document with others that would find that data helpful or interesting. If changes need to be made or input is needed from other stakeholders, these can all be done in real-time, again, saving valuable time and energy.
Zoho Show is also accessible on this drive. Since so many presentations require the teamwork from other departments, having this product accessible within the cloud is a huge win for your business. Collaborative presentations are created faster, design elements are implemented more strategically, and approvals are easier to find.

  • Safety and security for the digital age
    A common concern around cloud storage is around safety and security – who’s to say that information and data won’t go beyond? One of the first things your administrative team will do will set up the preliminary controls, which will allow just your company’s teams to have access to the drive. This will ensure that no one externally will be able to view the content, and shareability will be restricted. Zoho Docs also encrypts data and complies with top-line security standards so that from the moment anything is created, it is protected.

Additionally, when it comes to creating and sharing documents with other teams internally, as the owner, you’ll have the ability to control who has viewing access, commenting access, and editing access. This will ensure that if something is meant to only be shared and not changed or edited, it will be protected and hardwired to just your own changes. You’ll have your own private drive to work in as your developing projects or just brainstorm, and then you’ll also have team folders that you can use to share with others and invite others to add to.

  • Mobile capability for those always on-the-go
    We’re now a society that is used to operating at all times, no matter where we are. With the proper permissions from your company, you can use and access Zoho Docs on your phone to use and reference in between meetings or even just to catch up over the weekend. This will give your teams the information they need when they’re away from their main computers or the office or home office without missing a beat. Stay connected and informed no matter where you are so processes and collaboration can stay active and in motion.

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