Zoho Blueprint Automation

Process Automation Through Zoho CRM

A blueprint in Zoho CRM is designed to execute a business process in a well defined systematic manner that is free from loopholes.

With a blueprint you can:

  •  Define every stage in a process and associate people with each stage
  • Guide your team through the execution of the process
  • Mandate and validate important information contextually
  • Automate Routine Actions
  • It is an online replica of your online business

NDA Automation Process

The flowchart shows states and transitions of an NDA process that is fully automated.

NDA Approval Process Automation

Work Order Document Population Automation Process

Work Order Process Automation

Lead Nurturing Automation using Zoho Blueprints

Diagram showing a flow of lead lifecycle through a locked blueprint process. this is used for a Solar Company.

Lead Nurturing Blueprint

Sales Pipeline automation for managed services

Blueprint Automation Sample for Orders and Delivery of Service