Zoho One: Greater Connection for a Greater Business


As we continue to progress into the 21st century, we’re all learning just how fast our technology and communication strategies are developing. As consumers, we’re seeing how it can make our lives easier – we’re more connected than ever before, and we’re more informed than we ever have been due to these innovations and forward-thinking. When it comes to your business, you have to be sure that you’re integrating these same advancements into your internal processes so that your clients and customers know that you’re staying informed and can perform at the same speed of your competitors. 

Staying innovative and connected with the demands of the rest of the market is an ongoing need, especially as we continue to upgrade, advance, and improve. One of the easiest ways you can do this as a company is to work together as cohesively as possible. You need to ensure that all your independent teams work together and collaborate on ways to improve and stay informed. To do this, you need to ensure that you have the right systems in place, and this includes the software and the tools that you use to operate as innovatively as possible.

Zoho One is a prime example of a solution that can help all of your teams work together and remove any silos that may still exist, even in our current time of digital connection. If any of your departments are using separate team-specific software, you might be alienating several areas of opportunity or connection that can help streamline your processes. There might be missed conversations that can help bring speed to the forefront, or there might even be duplication across teams, which take up valuable time and energy for both. 

Here are just a few ways Zoho One can help operate and grow your business by bringing all of your teams together in an integrated and aligned system. 

  • Integrate all of your existed systems into one

It might be likely that each department has its own processes and systems for completing their jobs and simply getting their work done, and this is fine. But when each team has this kind of designation, it can often put up invisible fences, which can deter open communication. This can also mean that it’s possible that two teams are having similar conversations or performing similar tasks. Items or projects likely slip through the cracks. Deadline are often missed due to decreased communication. So much of this can be resolved with one integrated system that unites your teams in one place so that everyone is working together more cohesively and naturally. This will also increase productivity if there’s a process in place that holds all team members more accountable, which can also improve the customer experience overall. With that also comes stronger brand affinity and customer engagement rates. 

  • From sales and beyond 

It sometimes starts with a lead. If a seller is communicating with a lead, Zoho One will help communicate next steps with that lead with other teams – it can turn that lead into an activation for marketing for email reach-out, and it can communicate with your data team on how the lead was generated, what the structure and follow-through was like, and ultimately, how the lead turned into a conversion. This data can then be analyzed to inform your teams on strategies that worked and will educate everyone on learnings as you refine your systems. With this ongoing communication across multiple teams, your employees will quickly see the benefits of having one solitary system and program in place that everyone utilizes. 

  • Manage the people, from customers to your support teams

At the end of the day, your business is about the people. Internally, it’s about the expert teams that you pulled together to get the job done: sales, marketing, customer support, HR, finance, and so on – all of these individuals bring forward years of various expertise and thought leadership. Externally, you want to be sure that you’re catering to the needs of your clients and partners, as they help ensure the development of your business and ultimately, it’s success. And finally, it’s about your customers. You want to be sure that their experience with your brand is engaged and positive. You want them to come back for repeat business, and you want them to recommend your product or your services to their network. Zoho One helps you nourish and develop all of these relationships in an intuitive yet personal way that’s easy on all departments. 

With all of the apps available within Zoho One, you can be sure that you manage your external relationships with the right tone, in the right channels, and with the best approach. Internally, your team members will appreciate that there’s a software in place that makes their day-to-day operations easier, and they’ll enjoy being more collaborative with other teams, knowing that the system makes everyone’s lives easier, which can make their overall appreciation of your company higher.

  • Mobile capabilities make everyone’s lives easier

As consumers, we’re practically glued to our devices because we know all they can do for us. So it only makes sense that your Zoho One will help communicate next steps with that lead So if they’re between calls or meetings or simply catching up during off-hours, they can rest assured that no steps in any processes are delayed or held up from any end. This will also comfort them in knowing that their work capabilities are accessible no matter where they are, providing them with the confidence and pride that their company is staying current and innovative in today’s digital world. 

No company is successful due to just one team or department – each group is necessary to make a business grow and thrive and make an impact with their customers. Zoho One brings all of your teams together in one place to achieve the best possible solution for your company: communication, innovation, and collaboration.

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