Zoho Sign: Expedite Your Processes

Zoho Sign

Because of our technology advancements and how far we’ve come just in the past several decades and even the past couple of years, we’re able to move faster, think more strategically, and learn more about each other than ever before. For business operations that have been around since the beginning of time, we’ve also seen incredible advancements there, thanks to the internet, cloud-based software, and our incredible ability to stay safe and protected. 

As we continue to move further away from paper trails and hard copies, there are some aspects that require dedicated attention and application from these advancements. One of those is the need for obtaining signatures. While paper operations continue to be used, especially for in-person exchanges, there’s also a huge need and case for a digital capability for this. Luckily, we’re in a time when our technology can provide this option to stay up to date with the latest features. 

Zoho Sign

Zoho Sign is one of those applications that continues to move us more into the digital world. Since so much of any business’s operations relies on agreements and partnerships, collecting signatures will always be a necessity. As we shift more into these digital capabilities, obtaining digital signatures have become an embraced part of the system. Not only is Zoho Sign easy to use and completely customizable to fit the needs of your business, but it’s also safe and protected with the highest encryption practices. Here are just a few key features that Zoho Sign has to offer for your business and your partners. 

For whatever reason you need a signature, we’re in a world where we need to approve almost every step of a process with an official signature. When sending important documents digitally, Zoho Sign allows your recipients to easily sign these important pieces without the need of printing them out, scanning them, then reuploading them. Not only does this save incredible time and avoid technical difficulties, but it prevents a paper trail, which can also save the potential for scamming efforts. Requesting signatures is easy, quick, and safe. 

  • Optimum safety and security

One of the greatest concerns around providing digital signatures is how safe this transaction is in our digital world when practically everything is done via our internet or the cloud-based software systems that we use. Since sharing data is necessary for any business, Zoho Sign knows that signing important pieces digitally can create unease. Luckily, however, it complies with the most current e-signature laws, ESIGN and eIDAS, meaning that your data and the data of your customers and clients stay safe and secure. With military-grade encryption, your teams will be able to assure your partners that all parties are safe and secure. 

  • Multiple user management

One of the benefits of working on cloud-based software is the ability to collaborate in real time as efficiently as possible. With optimum sharing capabilities, you’ll also be able to manage documents that require multiple signatures from multiple people. Since Zoho Sign is integrated with your Zoho CRM, you can integrate the data from this database to communicate needs with each stakeholder and integrate those requirements into the workflow within other apps of your Zoho CRM. Not only does this keep everyone on time and on track, but it does so without overwhelming requests or reminders. As the owner, the team member will be able to control the order, the workflow, and the communication as he or she best sees fit. 

  • Tracking and notifications

Because practically everything we do these days is controlled by our digital capabilities, you’ll also be able to track the progress of the document as it navigates the workflow. So if the document is stalled with one person or is pending approval in a different location, you’ll easily be able to follow up to identify the speed bump in order to keep the document in motion before it arrives back to the original owner. Since all teams are working on multiple projects at once, it’s human to let something fall behind, so this capability allows your team members to keep everything in motion. 

  • Customize your forms to suite your company’s needs

In our digital world, we’ve become more competitive as ever, as consumers have a voice louder than it’s ever been, and more entrants continue to flood and clutter the market. This is why it’s crucial that your brand and your company’s identity is present at every possible location. Zoho Sign allows you to not only customize your form with multiple templates to choose from, but you’ll also be able to integrate your company’s branding within the form. This means that every time a form is distributed asking for signatures, your clients and customers will interact with your brand at all times, leaving a lasting impression and increasing your brand identification over time. 

  • Sync with your other Zoho apps

It only makes since that Zoho Sign is easily integrated with your other apps within your Zoho CRM. This means that if you need to store your completed forms in other areas within the cloud, you’ll be able to do this easily and safely. The documents will be easy to find for future reference, and your customers will appreciate your upgrade filing system – and they’ll surely appreciate less of a paper trail, as well. 

Adapting to the digital shift is a necessity as we move forward, and while paper documentation is still widely used, it can also slow processes down and delay projects or agreements. With Zoho Sign, your day-to-day operations will not only move faster, but they’ll be stored with the utmost secure practices and safe locations. Your teams will also appreciate that you’re introducing an application that can propel them into faster operations, and your clients and customers will also appreciate that your business is staying innovative and with the current times around technology and applications. With Zoho Sign, your agreements will stay safe and secure, and you’ll be able to strengthen your partnerships and improve your internal processes.

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