Zoho Books Portal Integration

Case Study: Zoho Books Portal Integration

Company Profile:

Knometa Research is an Independent-contractor providing technology trend and market research analysis for front- and back-end chip manufacturing. It is led by former IC Insights co-founder and vice president, Trevor Yancey, a seasoned industry analyst who since 1988 has tracked semiconductor technology advancements and market dynamics.

Problem Statement:

“Knometa Research” team was looking for a way to automate the process of their clients to be able to get the report and download the reports they purchased and keep track of the reseller and there number of record downloaded in their ZOHO CRM.

Our Solution:

Our team proposed to create a portal that linked directly to Zoho Books database, allowing clients to be able to access the portal upon payment of invoice. An email was sent including information such as log in credentials, which enabled the client to download their reports quickly and easily.

The portal was designed with security in mind, and included a number of features to ensure unauthorized access was prevented. For example, only customers who had paid their invoice could log into the portal. In addition, the type of user was cross-checked against their related reports to ensure that only relevant content was available for download.


The success of this project resulted in a significant increase in Knometa’s customer satisfaction, as well as a decrease in the time needed to process invoices and generate reports for clients. They were able to gain greater insight into their customers’ needs and better understand the dynamics of their market. 

Moreover, the implementation of this technology enabled them to provide  an improved customer experience, resulting in a boost to their client base and bottom line. Overall, the project was an enormous success that has helped Knometa Research to stay competitive in the current market. 

This case study provides evidence of our impressive development capabilities and demonstrates our commitment to developing secure and user-friendly solutions for our clients. We are proud to have had the opportunity to assist Knometa Research in automating their processes and helping them achieve success.

Technologies Used: ZOHO Books, NEXT.JS

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