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Case Study: Franklin Apprenticeships

Company Profile:

Franklin Apprenticeships is a women-owned business that helps employers fill tech vacancies with undiscovered, diverse talent. By removing the barriers of a college degree and prior experience, Franklin finds outstanding candidates with an aptitude for tech, helps them to become job-ready and matches them with employers.

They are partner with companies, ranging from the largest Fortune 500 corporations to thriving small businesses, to create and deliver top-quality apprenticeship programs at scale. Then, they source the right talent, deliver the right training at the right time, and coach the apprentice and the employer every step of the way.

Problem Statement:

Client was looking for a Web Application to facilitate the process of searching for a job as well as hiring people. This marketplace should provide a great way to network or find a specific job. They client was also looking to offer helpful tools in job searching and easy to navigate.

Franklin Apprenticeship was already using Zoho Recruit for their recruitment process and as a result, they were looking for a marketplace cloud solution that can directly communicate with Zoho Recruit.

Our Solution: 

 Client was looking for the development of a marketplace where companies can post job and candidates can search and apply for jobs. Franklin Apprenticeship was already using Zoho Recruit for their recruitment process and as a result, the most efficient solution would be a secure, responsive portal that can communicate directly with Zoho Recruit 2-way sync using API.


 A secured responsive portal like was developed for Franklin Apprenticeship using PHP and HTML5. As a result, job seekers could login and look for job openings in the market that were posted by companies trying to hire new resources. Candidates could simply upload resumes to the portal that would be parsed by Zoho Recruit engine and saved in the database. Companies were able to post jobs and track applications as well as booking time to interview candidates. This web application impacted the process of job posting, hiring, applying for jobs, and tracking all steps of the process significantly.  

Technologies Used:  Zoho CRM, Zoho Calendar, Zoho Bookings, Meetings, and Recruit

Client’s Comment:

I would like to stress again the great job you and your team did on this project! It is Franklin’s good fortune to have had the honor of working with such a knowledgeable, dedicated, professional group that not only delivered as promised, within budget, and on time — but went above and beyond to make sure all of that happened. Thank you, Mark Fahimi/Boosted CRM.

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