Hiring Top Talent with Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

When it comes to filling a position, whether it’s for an agency, a full-time job, or just a temporary placement, there are so many elements that your HR team has to consider. It can be a lot, from holding conversations, managing progress, and ensuring everyone has the information they need, from the team that’s hiring, to the candidate that is interviewing, to the HR individual that is keeping everything in motion. Zoho Recruit helps the process of filling a position, and here are just a few benefits of using the platform for the growth of your business:

  • Running backgrounds checks and screening options

One of the advantages to living in this digital generation is that it’s practically impossible to not have a “paper trail.” We’re all so registered and engrained in our digital systems that it’s easier than ever to monitor a person’s background, which is especially helpful for those in the hiring process. From background checks to reference calls, Zoho Recruit helps your HR team perform their due diligence in ensuring that their candidate has a background that is suited for the company. This capability saves time for both the company as well as the candidate, allowing for the process to progress in a respectable timeframe.

  • Candidate analysis and review

Just as there are many opportunities out there, there are that many qualified candidates for a position. One of the toughest jobs within the HR department is sifting through so many qualified candidates to choose only a handful to move forward to the interviewing process. Because this can be such a difficult and tasking requirement, Zoho Recruit can help establish parameters that moves candidates through an automatic funnel depending on language, qualification, or requirements that are selected by the individual. This helps save time, of course, but it also takes into account the emotional journey that an HR representative must endure.

  • Job board integration for easier processing

There are so many job board platforms out there now that allow for candidates to find jobs, but LinkedIn continues to be a widely used platform for job discovery and application. With Zoho Recruit, the product can take a candidate’s LinkedIn job application information and autofill it into the system, saving time in data and manual entry. Not only will this mean that the candidate’s information is saved in the system, but your HR team won’t have to waste valuable time inputting it or reference the LinkedIn platform looking for leads.

  • Process and analyze employee referrals

Some industries tend to be small and incestuous, so when a position opens up in your company, it’s likely that someone will know someone that’s qualified for the position, which triggers internal employee referrals. These first-hand recommendations can save a company a lot of time and effort, and referrals will often bump a candidate to the top of the line if they’re an internal recommendation. Zoho Recruit can implement this feature into your company’s digital infrastructure so that the process is seamless for the employee, the recommended candidate, and the HR team.

  • Customize your Careers page for greater visibility

Whether you have blasted a job opportunity across multiple job boards or are simply using organic channels to check out your Careers page, this destination on your site needs to be easy to navigate, informative, and aesthetically pleasing. Zoho Recruit will work with your HR team to optimize this page so that it fits your brand but still attracts top candidates. Integrating this page with candidate information will help your HR team better filter leads and store qualified people.

  • Monitoring timesheets for hourly or temporary employees

Even if you’re hiring a short-term or temporary employee for a specific project, your HR team will still need assistance in monitoring and approving timesheets for payroll. Depending on how many temporary employees you have, this can be a tedious process. Zoho Recruit will help manage this information for both the employee and the HR team so that time is saved and the process is simplified.

  • Portals for employees in the short-term

Submitting these timesheets and any other project information can be an extensive process, so it’s likely that they’ll need their own kind of portal to access and submit this information themselves. Zoho Recruit can create this destination for them so that they don’t have to track down specific individuals to share the data, and your HR team will be able to process project details easily and quickly, especially for future reference if the project will need to be repeated in the future.

  • Scheduling for those with the company on a short-term basis

Whether it’s for one project or multiple, managing a short-term project with temporary employees can be a lot of work and planning. Zoho Recruit can help with the time management aspect of it and keep all information organized so that it’s easily accessible. This will also help inform how to move forward with other or similar projects in the future, as your HR team will be able to implement these processes easier each time.

  • Product integration for an easier process start to finish

From exchanging important documents to holding correspondence, there are many elements that take place outside of Zoho Recruit, which can all be integrated together. From LinkedIn data to DocuSign to even email conversations, data can be shared across products so that all the appropriate teams will have the information they’ll need to keep processes in motion.

  • Mobile capability so you don’t miss a beat

We’re all moving a mile a minute, and that includes your HR team. Zoho Recruit can be accessed across all mobile devices so that no matter where your HR rep is, they can keep up with correspondence, process steps, or new information.

  • Assistance in the onboarding process

Once the “you’re hired” conversation and acceptance takes place, Zoho Recruit can also help with the onboarding process so that the new hire will have all the required information immediately and learning about your company will be seamless and easy to follow, bringing them onboard to their new team faster.

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