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Every company has multiple departments that must work together and collaborate to arrive at desired outcomes – whether it’s project management, sales, or brand strategy, one team cannot do it alone. This requires ongoing communication, dedicated collaboration, and valuable idea-sharing and data referencing. We can do this via email, casual conversation, and even file sharing, but there’s also value in holding real-time meetings. So many of us are used to having these meetings in-person, but as our technology advances, we’re now adapting to having virtual meetings within our devices.

Whether we’re working from home or remotely in just a different location, virtual meetings are quickly becoming the new norm, and the platforms that we use must be reliable and efficient so that our business operations aren’t delayed or halted. Zoho Meeting is a platform that has taken all of these needs into consideration and implemented a wide range of capabilities to ensure that your team members can continue their professional conversations while maintaining the safety and security measures of the elements that are being discussed during these sessions. Here are just a few key features that Zoho Meeting has in place so that your business operations can continue safely and without a hitch.

  • Online virtual meetings with individual host security options

Holding meetings virtually is something that we’re all adapting to, as it’s the best way to continue productivity and engaging in real-time conversations while still being able to “see” your coworkers and your clients. Holding these conversations over the web can feel a bit unusual, especially considering the concerns around security and privacy. With Zoho Meeting, you can choose elements of your meetings that ensures that only those that are invited to the meeting can attend, even if someone else has the link. This allows ultimate security and control of the host so that conversations can remain confidential as they relate to your business and your business operations.

  • Host and moderator controls for conferencing

A benefit to holding meeting virtually is that the host now has control over the meetings in ways that weren’t possible in-person. The host can mute attendees, remove participants if they weren’t invited or if they’re no longer needed, and can even control the course of the conversation by removing all noise. When time is sensitive for everyone, this can be a huge blessing for those that are working remotely, and Zoho Meeting allows the hosts and moderators to gain control of meetings.

  • Recording options for visibility and protection

Because it seems that we’re now holding more meetings than ever because we’re lacking the in-office catch-up during a pass-by in the hallway or a quick conversation with your office neighbor, it can feel overwhelming with all the virtual meetings we have on our calendar. This means that not everyone will be able to attend your meeting due to overlap or even just meeting fatigue. Zoho Meeting allows you to record the meetings for those that cannot attend, and this recording is then stored on the cloud, which is then later accessible to those that are sent the link. Not only does this elongate the messaging that was delivered during the meeting, but it provides those that missed it the opportunity to catch-up and stay up to date with progress and movement.

  • Screen sharing capability for optimum collaboration and visibility

When holding virtual meetings, it’s likely that you’ll need to reference a document or something visual to bring your point across. In addition to audio and video features in the platform, Zoho Meeting also enables screen sharing so that your meeting attendees can look at what you’re referencing, receive a presentation in real-time, or just learn from data that’s within the document. If the meeting is recording, this also adds an extra element of benefit for those that couldn’t make the meeting or even for those that want to revisit the original conversation again for added clarity.

  • Remote access and chat features

Another amazing benefit to using Zoho Meeting is that specific teams will be able to have remote access to your screen if you need technical help. This will allow your IT specialist to see in real-time what issues you’re having so that they can better troubleshoot. For security and privacy reasons, Zoho Meeting is specific about who is granted this kind of access, so you can rest assured that only those that are granted will have this capability. With the chat feature, all other attendees can receive these messages to better comprehend steps in the process.

  • Connect with email and calendar functions for easier integration

You can incorporate your Zoho Meeting information in both an email and your calendar invites so that attendees can see all meeting information within the invite, including the Zoho Meeting information – including the link, access code, dial-in number, and any other context that’s included in the invite. This eliminates the need of having to add more steps in the process, which is a huge advantage since we’re all busier than ever.

  • Connect via mobile capability for those on-the-go

We’re now used to have business and professional capabilities integrated on multiple devices, including our mobile phones. Zoho Meeting can also be accessed on your mobile device so if you’re having WiFi issues at home, are in-between in-person appointments, or even just away from your computer, you can still access the meeting. This is incredibly helpful as we all continue to navigate the adjustment of increased remote work as our technology becomes more innovative and advanced.

Zoho Consultants Working

Staying connected has never been easier with Zoho Meeting. While it may seem strange to hold virtual meetings in our own homes, this technology enables us to continue to be innovative, strategic, and still collaborative, even while away from the office. Conversations are secure, and data is safe. Your team members can easily work together to drive results, come up with new ideas, and grow as effectively as possible as we continue to operate in this remote environment, preparing everyone for a possible future in which this may be the new norm.

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