Stay on Track and on Time with Zoho Calendar

Whether you’re working remotely or in an office of any kind, we’re all busy and are required to meet with several teams throughout the day, whether it’s in-person or virtually. Because of our innovative technology and advanced ways in which we can connect with one another, we’re able to multi-task easier than ever before, which can also make us feel busier than ever before. You need a calendar system in place that will help you stay on track and on time for your professional requirements but also for your personal life – you’ll need to know what blocks you have to run an errand, grab a quick lunch, or take a personal meeting. As everyone else in your sphere is likely just as busy, you’ll also need a system that can align with their schedules and availabilities.

Here’s how Zoho Calendar can help. With the ability to show your availability in real-time, you’ll know just what the day has in store for you. And since your coworkers will be able to see what windows you have, you’ll also need to be able to share your openings with others. Zoho Calendar can help achieve these needs and so much more. If you have other products within the Zoho product family, you’ll also be able to integrate those with Zoho Calendar so that your regular working experience is even more seamless and efficient.

  • Easily manage events and meetings

Whether you’re setting up meetings with other coworkers or outlining your priorities, Zoho Calendar allows you to organize your time efficiently. You’ll be able to set reminders or notifications for yourself or even forward those along to key stakeholders to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You can also use several different calendar functions so that you can keep different segments of your life on track in one place, like personal appointments, reminders on important events, time off, or even birthday or anniversary reminders. With simple functions that allow for these specific distinctions, your calendar will be entirely customizable to fit your unique needs.

Zoho Calender

  • Grant easy viewability for optimum collaboration

With Zoho Calendar, you can allow viewability access to your coworkers so that they know when you’re available, where you are if you’re traveling or in meetings, or to gain an idea of the best time to reach you. With this functionality, you can remove communication back-and-forth and eliminate the need of rescheduling meetings or conversations. You also have the option to blind your calendar or making it private if you prefer to keep that information a bit closer to yourself. No matter your preferences, Zoho Calendar will help increase your internal (and external) collaboration, all while keeping you on time and on track.

  • Easy communication

With a group calendar functionality, your teams can easily identify big events, monitor team meetings, or even track time off or vacations. This will also help reduce email clutter, communication overlap, or even short-term or long-term planning for both professional purposes but also looking ahead for vacation planning. Since so much collaboration depends on coverage and teamwork, Zoho Calendar is able to showcase this information so that there’s less vetting or guesswork.

  • Simple appointment requests

If your business is the kind where you meet regularly with external parties or with customers, it can often be time-consuming scheduling meetings when calendar visibility isn’t an option. With Zoho Calendar, however, you’ll be able to embed elements of your calendar on your site so that customers can easily view when you’re available and request a time slot. Not only will these eliminate time-consuming back-and-forth communication, but they’ll feel that much more connected with you when you show them your availability in a transparent and honest way. They’ll feel as though their time with you is more valuable.

  • Merge all calendars for a seamless process

If you use one calendar for your personal needs and another for your professional life, Zoho Calendar has the capability of merging all of your life appointments into one consolidated place. With complete customization capabilities on this platform, you’ll be easily able to look at your own availability, identify trends (are you taking on too much for Mondays?), and stay on track so you won’t miss any upcoming important dates, like anniversaries, holidays, or crucial meetings. You’ll appreciate the ability to have everything in one place and feel confident that you won’t be missing anything crucial.

  • Access across all channels and devices

Of course, we’re all on-the-go these days, moving from one thing to the next at the speed of light. Our devices keep us connected and on time, and Zoho Calendar is available across all your devices so you won’t ever miss anything coming in when you’re on-the-go, and you’ll be able to prep for you day as you look at what’s ahead as you start your day. You won’t miss a beat, no matter where you are.

zoho Calendar

  • Easy Zoho family integration

If you’re looking to get all the benefits of using Zoho Calendar, another win is that it’s easily integrated with other Zoho products. From your email server to your virtual meeting host to even your file sharing service, you’ll be able to operate seamlessly and easily within all the products you already use within your Zoho product suite. Because it integrates so well, you’ll already be familiar with the layout and design of the other Zoho products that you use so that the timeline for adjustment will be nothing at all.

It may feel that as we continue to migrate to more remote and virtual capabilities in our professional lives that we’re becoming more disconnected and removed from connection and collaboration. With Zoho Calendar, however, this platform can help bridge that sensation of separation by allowing your coworkers and customers to feel an increased ability to connect and share ideas. Even though we’re more technologically advanced, we can still be personally connected for optimum collaboration, and with Zoho Calendar, you’ll never miss a beat.

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