Zoho CRM Integration with Magento

Online shopping has completely transformed the retail and shopping experience across the globe. The internet has allowed us to run our errands without ever leaving the house, and we can do so now across all kind of devices wherever we are. This kind of convenience has forced the retail industry to completely rethink its sales and marketing strategies, and with this new form of audience building, we can now better understand our customer base, their spending habits, and ultimately what they’re seeking, which helps us target more efficiently and effectively. Ecommerce has proven its sustainability in today’s digital world, and if we’ve learned anything from giants like Amazon, we know it’s certainly not going anywhere either.

Zoho CRM specializes in helping a company of any size reach optimum productivity levels with intuitive tools and applications that allow each internal team to effectively perform their tasks as efficiently and accurately as possible. The structure of this platform is designed so that teams can better communicate with one another and avoid tedious duplication and overlap, further encouraging deeper collaboration and strategies for completing goals faster and better. With tools that provide real-time updates on insights, data, and analytics, your teams can present an accurate depiction of where your customers are in the sales funnel, which only arms your sales and the sales support teams with high-level information to bring to market.

Zoho CRM Integration with Magento

The Zoho CRM and Magento Integration

A common goal for any business is to grow – that growth could mean an increase in awareness, a lift in engagement, or proven higher conversion rates. For certain teams, growth could mean higher revenue numbers, or growth could mean increased social media followers. No matter how growth is translated for your short-term or long-term goals for your business, you need a system that can help your operations keep up with any kind of increase you may see.

If your business has an ecommerce arm within its model, it’s likely that you already use Magento to fulfill your order management. Magento is known for its strength in keeping your details in an organized fashion, and it’s also widely regarded for being user-friendly for people at every aspect of the sales process.

The integration of Zoho CRM and Magento ensure that your internal processes are streamlined so that if a change is made on one platform, it will be immediately reflected in the other. Since the two programs essentially talk to each other in this way, the relationship between the two will be intuitive and your teams on the other end will have less duplication and can feel confident with the information that comes in.

The Zoho CRM and Magento Integration Benefits

If your business already uses Magento to fulfill order and manage your ecommerce business, here are just a few wins the integration with Zoho CRM can provide.

Zoho CRM Integration with Magento
  • Own the customer experience

When you created your brand, your product, and your experience, you surely had your target audience in mind. Now that you’ve honed in on that, you’ll want to cater that experience to those individuals, and you’ll be able to completely control that experience on the backend, from building your page to designing the purchasing process. Magento helps you build this in a unique and personal way without losing distinct marketing efforts. Zoho CRM can help in this instance by merging internal information about the process into your customized CRM package so that specific teams can be updated on every step of the journey. Your finance team will be alerted when a sale has been completed, and your fulfillment team will be notified when it’s time to take action. Inventory will be easy to monitor with the integration of these two platforms, meaning that you’ll run a lesser risk of running out of product while also learning what your consumers are most attracted to and interested in.

  • Find them where they are

Brick and mortar retail locations used to drive hundreds if not thousands of customers in because of its geographic location and high demand of the products that retailer offered. With the introduction of online shopping, the retailer mindset has to shift since consumers have many more options quite literally at their fingertips – now, highly sought-after real estate or convenient locations aren’t a primary requirement for retailers. With our digital insights that we now have, we can find and target ideal audiences for your products and your online store. The integration of Zoho CRM and Magento helps with that discovery so that you can not only increase your customer awareness base to regions all over the globe, but you can get your brand in front of audiences that you may have never previously considered. The analytics built-in for both platforms will help you track these leads so you can find them where they are.

  • Optimum data for efficient fulfillment

When it comes to fulfilling orders and updating inventory levels, it can often feel overwhelming to think about all the data that must be collected in order to implement each process successfully. With Magneto, these processes can be automated, and data can be stored safely and securely so that every process is completed without a hitch. Zoho CRM and Magento work together to inform the specific teams about new orders, changes in requests, or even data on a regular basis to help inform teams of trends and behaviors.

  • Build consumer trust

At the end of the day, the consumer is the driver for your business’s success. You may feel that your brand will survive if you have one disgruntled customer, but in today’s digital word, a bad review can leave a lasting impression. Magento and Zoho CRM can help secure your customer’s data safely so you can continue to create the products that brought your business to life in the first place. Listen to and engage with your customers with other integrated platforms so you can continue to build your brand with trust and loyalty, further elevating your brand’s impact.

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