Zoho CRM Integration with Xero

The success of any company is complex as much as it is unique. You might hope to generate and build brand awareness, or maybe you’re hoping to engage your audience in a more impactful way. Do leads primarily drive your business? Are you looking to build your social media presence?

No matter what specific marketing goals your business has, it’s also likely that some goals also include some kind of incoming monies. At the end of the day, revenue is what keeps the lights on and your employees happy – managing that revenue, however, requires a dedicated team to analyze the funds, look at what else is coming in, and calculate the percentage of that which must go right back out. This requires tons of work and itense dedication and attention to detail.

Luckily, we now live in an age when computers and advanced technology can help us achieve these goals faster and with less chances of error. So much of our financial reporting is black and white, so there are now digital standards in place that help us understand where we’re strong and where we might need some attention. There are elements, however, that we need to rely on experts to use this data to help us determine what to expect for budget planning, trends to look out for within the marketplace, and even how the stock market might be performing.

Zoho Crm Integration With Xero

All of these financial obligations take an incredible amount of attention, yet so much of this can be established in an automated way. Zoho CRM is designed to help expert teams automate specific tasks so that they can dedicate their qualified skills to projects that require their analytical thinking and professional deductions. This automation process not only removes room for errors, but it can also alleviate tremendous time and energy spent.

The Integration of Zoho CRM with Xero

Every business, small or large, needs to understand financial planning to quantify the success of the company. It’s likely that your company already uses a digital platform like Xero to manage the accounting aspects of your operation. Designed with these professionals in mind, Xero helps with managing invoices, balancing funds, predicting trends in the market and how they might affect your business, and managing all internal transactions, like payroll, expenses, and taxes.

With the ability to integrate Xero with your Zoho CRM, appropriate synchronizations can be made so that all stakeholders will be notified, on both platforms, of any changes. As an example, when payroll has been approved, these actions can be completed in Xero which will then be communicated in the proper Zoho CRM channel for HR to examine before distribution. When an invoice is paid via Xero, the proper project manager will be alerted that the invoice has been paid, which can either be communicated back to the employee or the client.

These kinds of up-to-the-minute and real-time updates will help streamline communication, and processes will move forward in a more structured and timely manner. Depending on which actions are automated, errors will be drastically reduced, and any kind of data entry won’t be duplicated, saving time, energy, and even money.

Zoho Crm Integration With Xero | Boosted Crm

Here are some more benefits of integrating Zoho CRM with Xero:

  • Mobile capabilities

It would be careless if these capabilities were not applicable to mobile devices. As we’re all almost always on the go, and now that our business model has shifted from the 9-5 Monday-Friday schedule to pretty much anytime, it only makes sense that Xero is available on our smart devices. All of these functions can be performed while on the go, meaning that you won’t have to wait until Monday morning to approve invoices, reconcile accounts, or submit expense reports. Additionally, this improves the trust in your customers and clients, elevating your overall approval rating. And again, when a change is made within the Xero app on the phone, those changes will also be reflected on the settings that you’ve customized on your Zoho CRM platform, so you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat or following up next time you’re in the office.

  • Business performance analysis

Your accounting team does much more than just analyzing the incoming and outgoing monies; they do more than pay our vendors and sign our paychecks. They also intricately examine the behaviors of the industry, the state of the financial market, and how our competitors are performing, spending, and reporting. This detailed analyzing sets our business up for success on an ongoing basis, and it helps us set up our spending for the year. Either way, Xero helps to generate those reports by studying these very behaviors and trends so that the rest of the departments can be strategic in strategy as well as spending. When these reports are utilized, that information can be distributed across the rest of the business to educate the state of the budget and how to move forward, all of which is communicated seamless through your customized Zoho CRM.

  • Multi-industry

Every business model is different in every industry. Whether you’re in direct sales, advertising, or even healthcare, Xero can cater to your specific line of business. With experience amidst dozens of industries and concentrations, you can rest assured that you (and your competitors!) can rely on the intuitive expertise that Xero has to run efficiently. And with the integration with Zoho CRM, your established customizations will follow suit. 

  • Advanced applications

In the same vein, there are also different versions of Xero available that might be more attractive to your accounting department compared to others. Whether you’re focused specifically on taxes, workflow, or data organization, there are a wide array of tools available for your accounting team. Regardless of which one fits your needs, they’ll all be able to work with your Zoho CRM integration so your accounting team can continue to work without overlap or error. All of these applications were built on the foundation that your number-crunching team needs certain tools, and they’re all designed to translate to success for your company.

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