Zoho CRM and Twilio Integration

Zoho CRM and Twilio Integration

Our digital world has connected us in more ways than ever before. With so many methods and devices that allow us to communicate with one another, there’s always an avenue available that will put you in touch with someone. From our smart phones and our devices to social media platforms and on-site connections, we’re always in some form of constant communication with one another.

As this digital shift has influenced the traditional business model in a massive way, your company must do what it can to ensure that your communication channels match what your consumers are using both in their personal lives and in ways they communicate with other businesses. We’ve all been on the other end of an ill-conceived communication method – whether it’s being put on-hold for eternity while trying to talk to a human or lacking contact information on a brand’s website. Hopefully your business has learned from these poor experiences and have set up multiple ways to engage with your customers so they can feel in touch with your brand on a personal level.

Introducing the integration of Twilio and your Zoho CRM

Your consumers expect that your business is in-tune with all the ways others connect with one another. As we approach a new decade, we can bet that most businesses now have social media presences in some form. Now that social media has proven itself to be a highly effective marketing tool, it’s crucial that your brand’s footprint exists in these platforms. As our digital platforms advance and new entrants emerge in the marketplace, it’s imperative that your business stay educated on what consumers are using so that your business model has the room to include those as appropriate.

Twilio is an application that can help your business connect with your consumers in ways that they most appreciate. This platform recognizes that consumers prefer to use platforms that they’re already familiar with, and when they want to engage with a brand, they want to know that they can reach them via text, email, chat, phone, or any other method that makes the most sense for them. Twilio understands the hyper connectivity that we all have in today’s world, and it can help set up your digital business model to communicate with your consumers in all the ways that work for both you and your audience.

What’s best is that when these engagements take place, your Zoho CRM will be linked so that any and all updates will be reported back to your Zoho CRM. If data needs to be transferred from your Zoho CRM to the method of communication in Twilio, that information will be moved directly there, eliminating any duplication, error, or missed information.

Zoho Crm And Twilio Integration

Here are just a few benefits to integrating these two platforms for your business:

  • Voice, video, and messaging

When consumers are trying to reach you, they likely already have a preferred method of communication in mind. Some prefer to speak over the phone or through web chat, while others are doing multiple things at once and need to chat via some kind of messenger. With Twilio, your company can connect with your consumer base in any method so they can get answers, receive updates, or provide insights into the service that you’ve provided. All of these avenues of connection prove successful for understanding your consumer needs, so it’s imperative that you understand the capabilities for all these arms of communication. When there’s an engagement with a consumer, you can customize your Zoho CRM to receive this information so that any pertinent data will be received, updated, and stored.

  • Customized pricing

One of the benefits of using Twilio for your company’s consumer communication platform is that it offers a pricing model that works solely for what you use. Instead of paying a blanket price no matter which functions you use or don’t use, you’ll only have to worry about paying for what you actually utilize for your business. Twilio understands that every industry and every company is different, so what works for one business may not work at all for another. As your business grows, evolves, or even shifts, Twilio works with you to understand how it can evolve with any change you may encounter. With Zoho CRM, Twilio can help with your savings so that your profit and loss margin isn’t a concern.

Zoho Crm And Twilio Integration | Boosted Crm
  • Security is primary

With continuous and ongoing threat of fraud and breach of data, you may find that some consumers are hesitant to share their information through these channels of communication. In today’s world, there’s no such thing as being too safe, and Twilio recognizes that. This platform has created tremendous steps to keep out fake accounts and ensure authentication of existing accounts. Additionally, built-in security APIs allow sensitive information to be protected and kept secure. Any information that is transferred via Twilio will be communicated safely to your Zoho CRM so any new and updated information will be relayed immediately and properly to the appropriate teams.

Consumers are bombarded with endless options when it comes to their choices to buy. They’re receiving messages from all platforms that want their attention and their loyalty, and it can be difficult to sift through the clutter to find a brand that can truly communicate with them and understand their needs. Reaching this consumer base is likely a main goal for your company, and retaining them is just as likely a considerable benefit.

Being there when your consumers need to talk to you is crucial in today’s world. In a time when connection is immediate for personal use, the same needs to now be emulated for the professional world. Twilio can help bring your business to the modern generation of instant communication by connecting your consumers to your business immediately. Not only will this help you retain your target consumers, but it will help when it comes to building trust and a meaningful and lasting impression.

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