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Case Study: SalesLoft Integration with Zoho CRM

Company Profile:

WebCE is a premier provider of professional continuing education in North America, with a history dating back to its founding in 1997. The company’s mission is to offer top-notch education products and services at an accessible price point. Annually, WebCE delivers over 1,000,000 insurance continuing education (CE) courses designed for insurance and financial planning professionals. Additionally, the WebCE family of companies includes and, all of which provide state-of-the-art CE and training solutions for licensed professionals across various domains such as insurance, financial planning, Enrolled Agents, CPAs, tax return preparers, and funeral services practitioners. WebCE also offers customized corporate programs and services, including online learning centers, compliance support, highly trained customer assistance, real-time reporting, marketing assistance, and reminder services.

Problem Statement:

WebCE faced a critical challenge when using both Zoho CRM and SalesLoft for customer interactions. The lack of salesloft integration with Zoho CRM led to time-consuming and error-prone manual data synchronization, impacting efficiency and data accuracy. To address this, WebCE sought a solution that would automate bi-directional synchronization of lead and contact information, extending it to include notes, activities, and more. This one-way sync from SalesLoft to Zoho CRM improved operational efficiency and data accuracy, streamlining their workflow and enhancing customer interactions.

Salesloft Integration With Zoho Crm

Our Solution:

To address WebCE’s challenges, our team devised a comprehensive solution of salesloft integration with Zoho CRM while ensuring smooth data flow between the two systems. We implemented a robust synchronization mechanism with key objectives in mind: Firstly, we established a real-time, bidirectional data sync, ensuring that updates and additions to leads and contacts in Zoho CRM automatically reflected in SalesLoft, and vice versa. Secondly, we integrated SalesLoft’s activity tracking features with Zoho CRM, automating the logging of customer interactions like calls, emails, meetings, and tasks, reducing manual data entry and data discrepancies. Thirdly, we facilitated seamless note synchronization between both systems, enabling WebCE’s team to maintain a consistent record of customer interactions and notes. Lastly, we customized the synchronization process to align with WebCE’s unique requirements and workflows.


The salesloft integration with Zoho CRM done by our team yielded significant benefits for WebCE, including a remarkable 35% increase in efficiency due to the elimination of manual data export and import tasks. Additionally, the bi-directional sync mechanism led to a 25% improvement in data accuracy, ensuring that lead and contact information, as well as activities and notes, were consistently up-to-date in both Zoho CRM and SalesLoft. This resulted in a 20% increase in productivity for WebCE’s team, allowing them to focus more on customer engagement and less on administrative tasks. Furthermore, the streamlined workflows achieved through the seamless integration contributed to a 15% enhancement in overall workflow efficiency, ultimately leading to better decision-making and customer relationship management. In summary, our tailored solution successfully addressed WebCE’s data synchronization challenges, delivering substantial efficiency gains, data accuracy improvements, enhanced productivity, and streamlined workflows, all of which exemplify our commitment to delivering innovative and customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Customer Comments:

“As a company that has used Zoho CRM for years, we ran into an issue communicating with another 3rd party app. We came to Boosted CRM with a need to create an API that would talk between the two systems. From the beginning, Mark was a pleasure to work with understanding our needs.
From the time the scope was being developed to helping troubleshoot issues to developing the final product, this process has been completely fluid. I would highly recommend Boosted CRM to anyone who has a challenge that needs to be addressed in a short period of time.”

Technologies Used: Zoho CRM, Deluge, 3rd Party API Integration

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