Zoho CRM Integration with Microbilt

In today’s world of constant communication and the ability to conduct business no matter where you are, it’s crucial to take the necessary measures to stay safe and protected. With ecommerce, digital financial exchange systems, and tons of data just generally moving around at all times, it is our obligation now more than ever to stay tuned into how that information stays safe. 

This digital shift over the past several decades has changed the ways in which we work, communicate, and operate, both in the personal sense as well as the professional. With platforms that allow consumers to exchange funds directly and immediately removes much of the complicated nature of dealing with a bank or other financial institution. The ability to pay bills online removes the need for a paper trail or a delay in processing. Online consumption of goods has also removed the need for many physical store locations, which has also sped up the process for financial movement. With all of this considered and more, you likely need to utilize a service for credit reporting that has kept up with these shifts to help you better deliver your product and serve your customers. No matter your industry, you need to not only protect the sensitive financial information of your community, but you’ll also need to assess risk with every vendor and partner with which you choose to work.

There are many benefits to using Microbilt for your business. Not only is the company a leader in digital protection and risk management solutions, but it has the capability of integrating with your customized Zoho CRM model. There are many benefits to this, as both platforms can speak to one another in a way so that users across your company will continue to receive the most up-to-date information as possible while simultaneously not losing out on any productivity.

Zoho CRM Integration with Microbilt

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Microbilt for your business with your Zoho CRM:

  • Risk Verification Database

Taking on a new customer, vendor, or partner can be exciting but it can also inspire feelings of uncertainty or hesitation. In our digital world, we’re saturated with options, and it can be tricky at times to sift through the clutter to find the level of quality your business needs. Even if you feel as though you’ve found the right partner, it can still feel uncertain when it comes to the financial aspect of the partnership. Since this topic is often considered uncomfortable, this is how and when Microbilt comes into play. The platform has the ability to examine historical activity and behavior on a bank account to determine the likelihood that payment processes will be delayed or insufficient. This knowledge will help your teams feel confident enough to move on or uncover data that will encourage looking at other options. When this capability is integrated with your Zoho CRM, your teams will be able to monitor and track this kind of data to produce alerts of unusual activity or reports of increased risk.

  • Instant Bank Verification 

Verifying identity alongside validated banking information will help your company move processes along further and faster, and it will also ensure that your property is protected from fraudulent accounts or compromised identities. This is incredibly crucial in today’s world, as there are tremendous amounts of scams circulating throughout the web, preying on the vulnerable or ill-equipped. Having this verification method established within your company will also keep your own data secured, as it eliminates the risk of your internal data being leaked. With your Zoho CRM, your teams will be alerted when an account has been verified and an identity has been approved as authentic. This alleviates the need for nit-picking or wasted time for your internal teams.

Zoho CRM Integration with Microbilt
  • PRBC Consumer Report

Again, our day in age allows us to move faster than ever, and it also means that our access to everything is never-ending. We can apply for an infinite number of cards or loans in an instant, and this kind of access has absolutely changed consumer behavior. With just our fingertips, we can gain access to funds faster than ever before. While this ultimately hurts the consumer in the long run in most cases, it isn’t until it’s too late when the consumer learns this behavior was detrimental. With the PRBC Consumer Report, you’ll be able to gain access to up-to-date credit data on your customers, vendors, or partners – whomever you’ll be working with directly for your business – so you can avoid the negative circumstances of uninformed spending habits. This data will also be accessible through your Zoho CRM so your specific teams internally will be able to reference this information for other needs.

As our digital world continues to develop and improve, your company will need to do everything in its power to stay informed of new technology and information. With Microbilt, you’ll have a first-hand look into the risk that comes with new customers or partners, and this upfront knowledge will allow your company to make the most strategic decisions about your future while simultaneously protecting your business’s name, reputation, and overall model.

Microbilt will work with your company to determine how to best utilize the platform, and by integrating the software with your customized Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to decide what information to communicate to your internal teams. This ongoing communication between the two platforms will ensure that all sensitive information stays confidential while simultaneously saving your internal teams time when it comes to investigating, analyzing, and reporting on customer or consumer behavior.

Ultimately, there’s no such thing as being too safe in today’s digital world. With everyone being connected all at once, it can sometimes be difficult sifting through all the data to figure out what is authentic and what is a fraud. Microbilt is designed to protect you from all angles, and the integration with your Zoho CRM will ensure that your teams have access to all this crucial data for future decision-making processes.

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