Integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget

Case Study: Integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget

Company Profile:

NEXGEN Solutions, LLC is a leading technology consulting firm at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to delivering exceptional software-based solutions, hosting services, and comprehensive support to clients worldwide. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to meeting unique business needs, we empower organizations to achieve their goals through cutting-edge technology

Problem Statement:

The problem at hand revolves around NEXGEN Solutions, LLC’s cumbersome and time-consuming process of manually generating bills in whenever a bill was created in the Zoho CRM or Zoho Books. This disjointed workflow not only led to inefficiencies but also posed the challenge of ensuring accurate and timely updates across all three platforms whenever changes occurred. Furthermore, the company faced difficulties in efficiently locating specific bills associated with specific vendors within their current setup. These issues collectively hindered their financial operations and called for a integration with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM to improve billing processes and vendor bill management.

Our Solution:

Based on the client’s specific requirements, we proposed a Zoho CRM Widget that does integration with Zoho Books and Zoho CRM. Here are the key features of the widget: 

  1. Bill Creation:

This beautiful Zoho CRM Widget allows users to create bills for both Zoho Books and simultaneously. When users utilize the “Add Bill” function within the Widget, a bill will be automatically generated in Zoho Books and integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget

  1. Save as Draft:

Within this Zoho CRM Widget, users have the option to save bills as drafts. Draft bills are temporarily stored within the CRM backend and are not created in Zoho Books and This feature provides flexibility for users to make adjustments and edits to bills before finalizing them.

  1. Editing Draft Bills:

Users can edit draft bills within this Zoho CRM Widget and choose to either save them as open or save them as drafts again. This allows for seamless modifications to bill details based on specific requirements.

  1. Draft Bill File Management:

This Zoho CRM Widget enables users to manage files associated with draft bills. Users can add or delete files and make changes to attachments until the bill is saved as open.

  1. Conversion of Draft Bills to Open Bills:

Users can convert draft bills to open bills within ths CRM Widget. This functionality allows users to finalize and process bills when they are ready for submission.

  1. Saving Bills as Open:

By selecting the “Save as Open” option, users can directly create bills in Zoho Books and

  1. Bill Filtering:

This Zoho CRM Widget provides a filtering feature that allows users to sort bills based on the desired year. integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget

  1. Payment History:

If a bill has associated payments, users can view the payment history by expanding the bill details. An expand icon indicates the availability of payment information, which can be expanded to reveal the relevant details. integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget

  1. Fetch Bill Option:

The Widget offers a “Fetch Bill” feature, which synchronizes data between and Zoho Books. This ensures that the Widget displays the most up-to-date bill information. integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM Widget


The integration with Zoho Books using Zoho CRM widget  yielded significant benefits for NEXGEN Solutions, LLC. It streamlined bill creation, reduced manual effort, and improved accuracy by enabling simultaneous bill generation in Zoho Books and The “Save as Draft” feature enhanced flexibility, while seamless editing, file management, and conversion of drafts to open bills streamlined operations. Real-time data synchronization via the “Fetch Bill” feature kept bill information up-to-date. Additionally, improved bill filtering and payment history access enhanced overall efficiency, resulting in a more efficient and error-reduced bill management system.

Technologies Used: Zoho CRM, Zoho blueprints, Zoho writer, Zoho sign, Custom Widgets

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