Zoho CRM Integration with WordPress

Zoho CRM Integration with WordPress

Digital technology and our ability to connect anywhere has drastically changed the business model as we know it. The traditional 9-5 behavior has shifted to practically an “all hours” construction, and the Monday-Friday schedule has seeped into nights and weekends. Your customers and consumers have access to your business at all hours thanks to this digital advancement and the ever-present social media platforms. While these avenues provide a tremendous amount of reach and access, it also means that your behind-the-scenes teams must work even harder to establish and maintain a strong brand presence in the digital atmosphere.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind your competition. You are not the only provider in your space, and your target audience – thanks to search engines – is doing thorough research on options. This means that you’re showing up in these research mindsets along with your competitors. It’s highly likely that they’re doing similar marketing efforts as your company, and it’s highly likely that they’re looking at you to figure out how they can differentiate themselves in the marketplace. You’ll want to consider this while defining and refining your brand positioning.

Introducing WordPress and Zoho CRM

The connectivity boom over the recent years has introduced incredible options for your business to establish a unique and differentiated voice in the marketplace. If you’re focused on developing a strong brand impression digitally, WordPress is one of the best platforms to utilize in creating a lasting impression on your customers and consumers. No matter the industry of your business, the platform has capabilities to serve all areas of your business. 

Zoho Crm Integration With Wordpress

One of the best features of this website design experience with WordPress is its integration capability with Zoho CRM. Your management system can link with this content creation tool to help your internal teams track leads, identify consumer behavior, and even follow up on engagement and reactions from those that interact with your brand. One of the many benefits of having a digital footprint is the ability to identify trends and behaviors to more fully craft data and conclude hypotheses.

Here are just some of the ways in which the integration between WordPress and Zoho CRM can help grow and enhance your business and your overall strategy.

  • Update your contact list

It’s crucial to have an understanding of who is coming to your site and how they’re engaging with your brand. When you use WordPress to develop your brand identity on the web, you want to ensure you have plenty of avenues for your consumers to react to your content, strategies, or even your presence. When you open this door for that kind of interaction, you can develop a trustworthy start to developing your leads. Depending on what works best for your business or the industry that you work in, you can set up certain triggers or processes that automatically updates your lead list once a new user interacts with your brand. You can also update the status of your lead depending on the level of engagement they create or convert. Having this kind of information at hand will help your marketing and sales team understand what’s working and what needs to be refined if you’re trying for a specific outcome or goal.

Zoho Crm Integration With Wordpress | Boosted Crm
  • Connect your social

In today’s world, it’s imperative that you have and maintain a strong social presence. What once was just a way for youths to connect with one another is now a crucial way to operate and enhance a business. Because everyone is now so easily connected with one another all over the world, we take into account others’ experiences with potential brands – consumers no longer solely take the word of the business. This kind of influence model seeps into social, as consumers will interact with your brand in an honest and straightforward way to warn, encourage, or share with others. When you connect your social platforms with both WordPress and Zoho CRM, you can track this kind of activity in both areas so you can even better understand what your customers need. You can set up triggers, enhance lead information, and more intuitively convert those that arrive on your site via WordPress from social.

  • Ecommerce processes

If your business model includes ecommerce in any way, you can also use the integration of WordPress and Zoho CRM to sync order processing to even further align all steps required to fulfill an order. This includes communication to your internal fulfillment teams as well as updates to your consumer to maintain good and professional standing. If you have other tools working together in this integration, like tracking and updating leads, you can also draw educated conclusions on strategies that helped drive to conversion for those that were considered high in the sales funnel. No matter what your company sells or brands, this kind of data will only better educate your teams on future marketing strategies so that your sales team can spend more time in the field, talking with a higher quality audience in a more targeted voice.

Building your brand with WordPress and Zoho CRM

The business model is in constant change and refinement thanks to the digital shift over the past decade. As more technological advancements take place and are introduced to the market, the model will continue to change, and your business must pay attention to stay afloat so your consumers can cut through the clutter and find you. With the integration of WordPress and Zoho CRM, you can use the tools of both platforms to find a high quality audience, convert them, and raise awareness for your brand amidst the competition.

With social media platforms and high SEO value that WordPress provides, you can rest assured that your audience will find your brand’s message in a meaningful and lasting way, and your internal teams will be able to take these researched learnings and apply them to future marketing campaigns to expand brand awareness without losing your company’s core values.

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