Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active

Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active

Zoho Voice Adds Two-Way SMS

Zoho Voice has introduced two-way SMS to improve customer engagement. The pricing is reasonable, with a small fee for sending messages. The integration with Twilio is not mentioned, but the integration is still ongoing. The long-term plan is to integrate the service into CRM, Desk, and core applications. The two-way SMS feature is great, but it requires a separate number for Canadian users. The head of the product team for Zoho Voice is available to discuss the progress.

The two-way SMS feature is great, but it is unclear if it logs messages to the CRM. RingCentral’s SMS functionality is not integrated with the CRM, and there are some quirks around internal messaging. The feature is mentioned in the Zoho campaign, which could be beneficial for businesses tracking text messages. The launch was rough, but the progress is good. The goal is to make text messaging more efficient and effective for businesses.

Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active

Zoho Creator 2022 Roadmap

Zoho Creator releasing their roadmap for the rest of 2022, which includes new features such as UI-based changes, font choices, AI tools, connections, extensions, and the canvas builder for creating. This feature allows users to build custom pages using HTML but cannot customize the form’s appearance.

Zoho Writer has introduced workflows to streamline document processes, allowing users to have their documents ready for review, approval, and stage comments. The team continues to improve its entire office suite, including real-time document status notifications and email.

The latest updates and improvements in Zoho Creator, include new features, improvements in the user interface, and enhancements for single sign-on or OTP logins. These updates are expected to save users time and improve the overall productivity of their applications.

Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active?

Zoho Connect Introduces Ultimate Edition

Zoho Connect, an enterprise intranet, has recently launched an Ultimate Edition, which aims to transform employee engagement, culture, and work. Previously known for its excellent task management features, the Ultimate Edition has been updated with gamification and gratitude features. The update is expected to be available with Zoho on one account, and users can try it out to see if it surpasses the capabilities of Zoho’s existing products.

Despite its popularity, Zoho Connect is not generally seen as a core workflow application. It is used for internal task management and partner communication, with a calendar and numerous features. Zoho Connect is a unique application that has not seen an update in a long time, making it an interesting addition to the company’s offerings.

Zia’s Next Best Experience

Zia’s Next Best Experience is an AI tool that scans all deals, looks at closed deals, and suggests the next best action for an open deal. It provides recommendations based on the customer’s history on closed deals, timing, and the best actions. However, it requires 20 or more licenses, telephony integration, and the new email edition. To use this feature, users must have 20 or more licenses of Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, telephony, and new email configuration.

Zia’s AI tool can analyze data sets and make assumptions for customers, making it easier to identify what works and what doesn’t. It’s a valuable tool for analyzing data and making predictions, as it’s not a quick or easy task. The tool also recommends running or firing off tasks around the recommendations, such as setting meetings and calls. This is a great way to use machine learning for pipelines and enhance customer experience.

Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active

Zoho Social Adds Advanced Analytics for LinkedIn

The CRM team and Zia team have improved the functionality of Zoho Social by offering advanced statistics for LinkedIn page posts and monitoring mentions. The most popular product is Hootsuite, which allows users to manage all social media in one place, view comments, engage, schedule posts, and collaborate on them. This is particularly useful for businesses in the B2B space, as LinkedIn is a crucial element of social media marketing.

The reports provide insights into industry views, viewership, and interest in posts. Additionally, the team is quick to update their platform’s API, ensuring that third-party providers receive the latest data. This is particularly important for businesses, as Instagram messages were previously not available in Zoho Social, but were added within a week. Overall, the improved functionality of Zoho Social is beneficial for businesses in the B2B space.

Zoho Projects Adds Issues Reports at an Org Level

Zoho Projects now allows users to issue reports at the organizational level, allowing them to view tasks, timesheets, and issues at the same level. This is beneficial for those who don’t have Zoho Analytics but have projects.

The new feature provides a more holistic view of workload by user, allowing for more efficient workload management. Users can now see this information natively and easily, based on status, who’s assigned, and who reported. This feature is particularly useful for those who don’t have Zoho Analytics but still need to manage their workload effectively.

Zoho Voice Has Been Made Textually Active

Zoho Inventory July 2022 Updates

Zoho Projects introduced a new shipments module in July 2022, providing a more comprehensive view of shipments. This module allows users to split packages into shipments, providing a more efficient way to track shipments.

Additionally, users can now auto-scan expenses, add custom fields and pick lists, and track items by different statuses. This update is particularly beneficial for those who need to track shipments by package status, delivery status, and delays.

Zoho Meeting Mobile App Adds PPT Viewing Capability from the App

Zoho Meetings now allows attendees and co-organizers to view shared PowerPoint materials on webinars from within the mobile app. This update allows users to download and view the materials on their mobile devices. Zoho Meetings has also implemented a nerdy implementation for data cleanup and migrations. When dealing with accounts and deals, it is important to ensure all records are linked up properly. This can be done using the CRM connector and a priority-based join to create relationships while prioritizing the best data.

Zoho Analytics is not just a place to build reports and dashboards but also a place to manage data and make significant updates back into sources like the CRM. If a match is not found, it creates an orphan field or flags it out as an orphanage.

Another example of using client-side scripting is to add default products when creating a quote in the CRM. This script runs locally in the browser and can fill in different fields, create different objects, and records. This feature is used extensively in various use cases, such as creating deals with consistent names, naming structures, and information from accounts and contacts.

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