Zoho Creator A Complete Overview

Zoho Creator A Complete Overview

Starting Off with Solutions

We will still be able to create applications as well; it’s still an application creating the platform. Apart from applications, the application created part is powered by Zoho creator, the current version of Zoho creator, and the business process created. As you know, we recently added a big feature called Zoho creator blueprint in Zoho creator. The Zoho creator blueprint will power the business process and create a part of it.

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Zoho Creator A Complete Overview

Apart from apps and business processes, we look at integrations now; in the current version of integrations, anything related to integrations and creator would always tie back to an application, right? So, either push information from an application or to an application. But in the new version, create a platform, and we have a separate integration creator available. You will be able to create standalone integration flows as well, and similarly, we have bi and analytics created as well. Apart from the default, a type of report currently available within Zoho creator, you also have an advanced bi and analytics tool, which has been added.

Apart from creating analytics for your applications, you can also create advanced analytics for other data sources. And we’ll be looking at each of these options in detail and what powers these options as well, further on in the presentation. Another interesting feature that we’re bringing in is a robotic process creator. We all know about our RPA, so our RPA is software. Or an application that can be easily programmed to perform basic and repetitive tasks across applications and to use our pa. You can also create and deploy bots software robots, which will have the ability to like launch and operate other software as well. We are bringing a robotic process creator into the Zoho creator platform. And the reason why it’s highlighted is it will be available in the early part of the following, and the robotic process creator will be made available.

Moving on to microservices from solutions, we all know about connections and how they enable the authentication process of integration easier. We’ve announced connections; there are many more options available, and you have a more organized way of managing connections similar to that data sources. We can add or create new data sources, and we’ve added many new services to data services apart from the existing ones we already have. We’ve added tons and tons of new data source options as well.

Coming into AI models, we all know that in Zoho creator, we have enabled ZIA right from when you’re importing an application, where a high-powered development can be made about apart, from that, even within the forms, you have, like, AI fields. One of the important AI fields that we had was the prediction feel. AI models would be powered by the prediction field the prediction model would be taken and considered a model.

Then we have serverless functions, the functions that we can create a part from the deluge functions we have java node.js, and python. So those functions serverless functions will be categorized separately, and they’ll be called serverless functions. Most of these options are currently available on the current version of a creator but also have enhanced options to execute and manage them. Apart from these, we are also bringing in AR and VR options. So augmented reality, which is based on real-world settings, we have a few functionalities going over that and similar to that. We are also working on a few VR virtual reality features. Similar to robotic process creators, AR and VR also would be available in the first early part of the next one, starting next year, it would be available with robotic process creator.

That covers the development part where you have microservices solutions and how we deploy them. So you create an application. We are introducing a proper application development lifecycle management system. You have multiple environments that you can take advantage of; a single application can have three different environments. You can have separate user management and separate data management for all of these environments and have the production life of all your induces.

Zoho Creator A Complete Overview

That’s a major addition that we’ve done for the existing app creator version is Zoho creator version. Apart from that, we’ve organized, maintained, and categorized the mobile deployment and the portal deployment now. So that it’s easier for you to access these options and, similarly, coming into management, management again, we have announced the user management part. Introducing these new solutions and services, we want to ensure that the developer is given enough options to manage them. You have an enhanced user management system; the information about your organization can be maintained separately in a category. Then, many new features are added to governance, including the ad directory sync. Those are added under governance; then you have tools available for operations; there are a few new additions from the upgrade, which we’ll be covering in the later part, and also monitoring, account level management of the billing management that we want to do. We will be doing it under monetary.

Let’s go into each of these categories and then look at the product or how these categories have been enabled and how these categories can be used in the platforms,


We have created app creator, bi, and analytics flow business and robotic processes. The application creator is a service that we are all aware of and well used to; this is nothing but our Zoho, creator version nature, the current version of Zoho creator. That is the service that will enable the application delivery application development, with the application development part. I’ve mentioned earlier will also power the business process created, as well as the blueprint feature, we’ve added.

Apart from that, the creator already has a different type of report for the bi and analytics. Still, we have a very advanced analytics tool available if you want to create advanced analytics and bi inside the Zoho ecosystem. We have taken advantage of that and brought the Zoho analogy into this unified platform. The options within Zoho analytics would be available here, and you can configure the advanced analytics for your applications of our other data sources. Similar to analytics, we talk about integrations apart from the custom integrations available at the level. We’re also looking at standalone integration flows that you want to pay. That’s when we converge into like a solutions-unified platform. For that, in the Zoho ecosystem again, we have a mighty integration flow called Zoho flow. We are also bringing Zoho flow into the creator system to create a system that, moving forward, will have enhanced features of Zoho creator. The current version of zoo creator will also include Zoho analytic speeches. It will consist of Zoho flow features as well. We’ll be looking at each of them in detail to understand how they are maintained within the application.

Zoho creator

Zoho Creator will power the app and create a part and all the features you currently have for building forms, reports pages, and the functions we have in the blueprint, all of which are included in the new version. Apart from that, we made a major enhancement to the application development process mentioned earlier: the ADL and process, the application development lifecycle management.

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