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Zoho CRM and Zia Voice

It’s hard to imagine what our lives would be like without our devices and reliance on instant communication. Not so long ago, we had to look for answers to questions on our own through an encyclopedia, and we’d have to bring our physical day planners with us everywhere we went to help keep us on schedule. It’s tough to think about how our lives and our businesses were conducted prior to our current age of technology.

Once we realized that this form of communication and transfer of information wasn’t going anywhere, we had to essentially redesign our business models to satisfy this new way of life practices. Since we have instant answers at our fingertips and the ability to contact anyone at any geographic location no matter where we’re at, our business strategies had to follow suit in order to keep up.

Do you remember getting your first smartphone? Do you remember how easy it was to get used to having this kind of instant ability with everything? Even as THAT technology has changed over the most recent several years, our lives have gotten even more easier. With voice technology and advancements, we can now do so much hands-free, powered by simple commands. With Siri on our phones and Alexa and Google in our homes, it can easily feel like we’re now living pretty much in the future. Thanks to these guides, multi-tasking has never been easier.

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Zoho CRM and Your Business

Using Zoho’s CRM business model for your company means that you and your teams can achieve all of your goals with this one platform. By streamlining processes and aligning timelines and responsibilities, required tasks and duties can be accounted for and managed easily and automatically. This eliminates room for error and oversight, and simultaneously, using Zoho CRM can help forecast, analyze, and proactively understand external behaviors so that your valuable team members can spend their time efficiently.

Zoho understands that these days, you and your teams are always on the go, even more so now than ever given our technology and ability to conduct business no matter where we are. Our devices have set us forward, so your business must keep up. That’s why Zoho has set up its own virtual assistant for your growing business, Zia.

Why Zia Voice for Your Business

Have you ever used Siri on your phone for a quick answer or update while you were in the middle of something? If you have a smart home device, have you ever silently thanked your stars that we live in the time that we do because of its’ great convenience and service? Zoho understands the new way of conducting our lives with these advancements, which is why the platform has created its own version of a virtual assistant to help with your business.

Zia Voice is an avenue that is meant to help your team members stay up-to-date with their own schedules, assist them in their to-do lists, and align with any other kind of applications that you may have synced up with your normal professional strategy. Your Zia is a personalized creation that will only get smarter and more intuitive the more it is utilized by its primary user.

While Zia can be used by any team member within your company, Zia Voice can be especially helpful for your sales team. Since so much of their time is spent travelling, putting face time in with prospective and ongoing clients, and constantly communicating via email and phone, it can be an incredible tool that helps keep all of the details in balance and maintained. While on the road, your seller can tell Zia to input information without skipping a beat on other steps along the way, allowing your seller to maintain momentum and stay on track.

Zoho Zia Voice Capabilities

As with so many technological advancements, there are tons of ways to utilize specific platforms. Zia Voice is a downloadable option with any aligned device with a Zoho account so that its use can be intuitive with devices that are already familiar to your team member. From here, and depending on the department, your employee can use Zia to look into information on accounts, update or add details to any kind of contact, or Zia can actually text the information to your user so that the details are easy to find and easy to reference for the future.

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One of the greatest tools that Zia Voice can offer is insight into analyses and forecasts so that your seller can have something to reference prior to a meeting. This will not only provide the most up-to-date information, but it will educate your seller and arm him or her with the proper information to land and secure the business. Taking advantage of this most elite kind of technology is precisely why using Zoho CRM and Zia Voice can bring your business to the front of the marketplace and outperform your competitors. And as we all know in today’s age, we simply can’t take any chances on missed opportunities.

Your customers and prospective clients will also appreciate that your business and company are using a platform that is so in-tune with how business is conducted that their trust in your strategies will only improve. Having Zia Voice on your side means that your sellers can employ more one-on-one interaction with the external communication so that your company’s revenue will soar.

Zoho CRM and Zia Voice: Finding Your Alignment

Integrating change and implementing new platforms can be daunting for any kind of business. Zoho recognizes this, which is why it’s developed several ways to ease any kind of resistance. From setup and customization webinars to free trials to even specialized Zoho CRM consultants, your company has all the additional help it needs to ensure that the integration process goes smoothly and that none of your business is lost or missed. Zoho CRM is meant to help your business, so be sure to check out all the ways it can help you adjust as well.

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