Zoho PageSense: Deeper Analytics over Smartlook

Thanks to our digital forward world, we’re able to know so much about our target audience and their behaviors when they’re online. We’re so rooted in this data that we’re used to utilizing it to refine our messaging strategies, our promotional channels, and how to best retain our base once we’ve captured them. We know what they’re expecting, we can learn what they need, and we know how to better generate those conversions. With these general capabilities, it’s imperative that you’re using the right tools to track and analyze this behavior for your own business. Without it, you’ll not only use your core audience, but you won’t attract new users to your brand – your competitors are implementing strategies that are achieving your very goals, so you’ll need to match that level of innovation for your own business.

As we continue to innovate and bring new data-driven tools to the market, you have a ton of options around what you can use for your data and marketing strategy. Each one has variations that will help advance your business and elevate your messaging, but there are a few leaders that are driving and delivering these metrics to your competitors. Two, Zoho PageSense and Smartlook are used widely across industries, but there are a few key and core reasons Zoho PageSense will ultimately deliver greater insights to your teams and help you better strategize your messaging and marketing strategy.

  • More competitive pricing structure

Whether your business is just starting out or if you’re looking to optimize your data and analytical strategy, you’ll need a product that will be convenient to adjust to as you grow and that will represent how you’re using it. Zoho PageSense not only offers affordable solutions to the size of your business, but the cost varies on the size of your business and the number of team members using it – this will ensure that the platform matches the volume of your needs without feeling as though you’re throwing money away due to the number of users. Additionally, the pricing structure that it offers is just generally more competitive and you’ll ultimately appreciate the slightly lower pricing model – especially if your business is looking for ways to reach your bottom line more efficiently and effectively.

Zoho Pagesense Deeper Analytics Over Smartlook
  • Stronger heat mapping reporting

Heat mapping has been a gamechanger in the world of understanding consumer behavior and how they interact with your brand while on your site. By looking at what attracts their attention and also what distracts them, you’ll have a strong understanding of what stands out to your customers and what needs more attention. In comparison of the two products, Zoho PageSense has shown stronger reviews around the heat mapping reporting – not only do these reports provide stronger analyses, but they paint clearer pictures for your teams so there’s less guess work involved, allowing more time for restructuring and stronger enhancements.

Zoho Pagesense: Deeper Analytics Over Smartlook | Boosted Crm
  • More intuitive data segmentation

While your business is just starting out, you might want to being with setting goals and first looking at how you’re arriving at those goals and what still needs to be done in those areas. Maybe you want to look at your conversion rates to determine how strong your visitor to customer journeys are to help you determine how much work needs to be done. No matter what kind of data you need to help you better understand these visitor and customer processes, Zoho PageSense offers stronger segmentation capabilities so that you can choose how you cut and splice the data to find the story you want. Not only does Zoho PageSense make this easier on your teams, but these reports are provided in ways that removes the extra analytical work so that your teams can immediately act on the data that’s presented.

  • Greater mobile device analysis

As consumers ourselves, we’re no stranger to knowing how valuable it is to be able to perform work functions on our mobile devices. This alleviates overwhelming Monday morning to-do lists, and it also provides faster results to your clients and customers. Now that our work model is largely remote to some capacity, have a strong mobile analysis available is crucial for your teams, as they’ll be able to understand these metrics no matter where they are. Zoho PageSense provides the opportunity to tweak on the go based on the data that comes in, allowing for constant optimization and improvement – for your business and for your visitor and customer experience.

  • General better and stronger ease of use

In a year of such change and disruption, the last thing your teams need is a frustrating system that doesn’t provide a clean user experience. Arriving at helpful and detailed analysis is a must, but the process of obtaining that data shouldn’t be a tedious process. Zoho PageSense offers an easy system to arrive at these analyses so they can continue to feel inspired to keep using it and finding out more key information. If a system is too clunky or too complicated to use, your teams won’t feel encouraged enough to use it, which will ultimately be wasted expenses and tools that won’t be used. With Zoho PageSense, you won’t have to worry about that complicated user experience, and pulling reports will be simple and straightforward, which allows for increased use over time.

There’s never been a better time for us to thoroughly understand the user experience on your site – our digital capabilities have allowed us to truly dig deeper into the consumer mindset to greater understand their needs, thought process, and how they navigate your site. With Zoho PageSense on your side, you’ll gain a deeper look into what you’ll need to improve on your site according to your goals, and it’ll work with you to determine what your long-term goals are as you grow, innovate, and improve. You have many choices out there in market to determine what works best for your company, but Zoho PageSense will improve your business while also improving how your customers experience your site.

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