Zoho PageSense: Understanding Your Consumers’ Behavior

Whether your business is new or been in the market for some time, your site experience needs to be personalized while also in-line with market trends and customer expectations. No matter the industry of your business, your customers need to enjoy their experience while on the site, or they’ll simply leave – they know they have many other options at their fingertips, so once they’re engaging with your brand, you need to pay extreme attention to detail and ease-of-use. 

Since our technology supports innovation, it’s imperative that you take advantage of all the analytical tools that it offers to better understand the consumer experience on your site. And if you have partners contributing to your site, you also need to ensure that their expectations are met based off what you’ve agreed upon at the beginning of your partnership. There are so many great tools to help you with this, but Zoho PageSense can offer your business incredible intel as to what your site is offering your customers but also how to improve and convert at higher rates. 

Zoho PageSense

Zoho PageSense can measure all sorts of metrics and help you reach optimum customer satisfaction. Here are just a few core capabilities that it has to offer your business. 

  • Tracking metrics

One of the greatest things about living in our digital time is that we can understand our customers better than ever. With Zoho PageSense, you can monitor what your customers are doing while they’re on your site. You’ll be able to set goals around how you want to increase user engagement with the tools on your site, and you can also look at your user funnel to see how much of your audience moves lower into the consumer journey. This will help you understand ways that you can implement a better conversion story or what may be causing them to drop off if you’re having a difficult time getting them to that part of the journey. 

  • Analytical data for site optimization

You’ll also be able to use Zoho PageSense to identify where users are spending the most time on your site. If you have areas that they linger on or completely avoid, this will inform your teams on what may need greater attention or what’s working. If you need to shift their focus to other areas on the site, you’ll better be able to understand how to shift their eyes to other areas. With heatmaps and session recording, you can identify these behaviors and truly visualize the steps they take while interacting with your site. To generate greater leads, you’ll also be able to find analytical data based off forms that users fill out so you can also obtain crucial information about your consumers and who seems to be the most attracted to what your site offers. 

  • Optimization for a better user experience

Whether it’s a color change, a shift in scroll, or even the layout, your site experience must be well thought-out and deliberate. It may seem trivial to spend time testing colors or fonts, but again, the consumer knows that he or she has options regarding the sites they visit, so if there’s just one detail that doesn’t agree with what they’re expecting, they’ll simply leave. Instead of testing one detail versus another over and over, you can use Zoho PageSense to run those A/B tests for you – not only will the results be more intuitive, but you won’t be abandoning your audience due to constant changes. This can disrupt the user experience, and if there are constant test changes being made, it makes it more difficult for the user to remember your brand or identify their site experience as standing out from others. 

  • Personalized customer experience

As consumers, we’re fully used to our experiences as catered to fit our needs. Sites remember our past behaviors, they recognize us based off repeat visits, and we no longer flinch when we’re targeted with exactly what fits and suits our needs and interests. So this is why it’s crucial to take advantage of the personalized experience that Zoho PageSense offers for your site. Depending on what’s the most important focus for your business, you can do this based off several key indicators, like location, acquisition channel, behavior patterns, or even actions that they took in the past. This means that every time the user visits your site, they’ll feel welcomed and feel as though they’re remembered. This encourages other visits for the future and deeper engagement with your brand – on your site as well as across other channels, like email and social. 

  • Engage with your target audience

Along with that personalization comes the expectation of engagement. Even though digital isn’t exactly the most human experience, this is the part of the funnel when your customers expect to get that connection from your brand. Zoho PageSense allows you to engage with your customers so that you can obtain honest feedback about your site, the experience, or even your brand in general. Users are typically quick to share their feedback if they know that it will be taken into account seriously and practically, as though someone from the other end is truly listening. This will help your teams make a better experience and understand what you can do to make your user journey improved, and your users will appreciate that you’re taking the time to truly listen to them in a time when real human interaction is less of a possibility. 

Zoho PageSense exists to help you create a more intuitive and better consumer journey with your site. Listening to your customers and understanding their needs and expectations will allow you to create a better online presence in a time when the market is cluttered and competitive. Your customers have endless options when it comes to where they spend their time, so it’s crucial that you make your site as memorable as possible for return visits and higher conversion rates. Zoho PageSense will help take your company’s site to just fine to user-intuitive and competitive.For more info, please contact us

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