Keep Your Business Ahead of the Game with Zoho Sales IQ


We’re all living in a time when technology and communication is driving our business growth and how we interact with one another. In fact, it’s difficult to think of how we all operated before the integration of our smart devices and constant connection thanks to the internet and cloud-based operations. These advancements have absolutely propelled all of us into hyper speed to continue innovating, ideating, and enhancing. It may even sometimes feel that as soon as we install an update or upgrade our device, we’re already on our way to being outdated. 

This kind of constant and ongoing innovation might make us feel anxious or even as though we’re not utilizing everything we can to grow our business. Ongoing education and training for these advancements is difficult to keep up with, and when we come across something that we can’t understand or grasp, it intensifies our stress and anxiety levels. In today’s digital-first world, it might feel as though we’re ironically even more disconnected than ever, especially when we need help. 

But this is where Zoho SalesIQ can come in to help all of us stay innovative, informed, and knowledgeable about our operations and our best strategies. And when it comes to your customers’ experience, this is how Zoho SalesIQ can make the difference between a broad funnel visitor to a qualified lead. Here’s how this product can bring your customers from confusion to satisfaction while also ensuring that their experience with your site is personal and memorable. Here’s how Zoho SalesIQ can help personalize and grow your business at the same time. 

  • Live support at all times

As consumers ourselves, we know that we operate at all times of the day, and these behaviors can be inconsistent per day or week. This means we might be tending to personal needs late into the night or taking a break from work in the middle of the day to do some online shopping. No matter what the consumer need is, it’s likely that they’ll need help or have questions about something. We’re all digitally designed now to have all the answers, but due to our ability to multi-task, we may not always have the time to uncover the answers ourselves, which is when Zoho SalesIQ can come in. From guidance to step-by-step understanding of what the need or desire is, your visitor on your site will feel as though their needs will be addressed in a simple and streamlined way. If the bot option is not enough, the consumer can still ask for a human assistance option, which can also be delivered to zero in on immediate and specific need. 

Zoho Sales Iq | Boosted Crm

  • Trackability of visitors

Zoho SalesIQ also helps in identifying and looking at how your site’s visitors are interacting with your content and pages. If there’s a specific destination that your business aims for heavy conversion, you can establish a trigger that will prompt your Zoho SalesIQ to pop up and engage with that highly qualified visitor. This will help you identify the best way to get more traffic to this destination, if that engagement tactic works, and what insights come out of those conversations. This knowledge will help your teams make more strategic decisions about site experience as well as personalized consumer interaction and when the best time to engage is. 

  • Increase prospect engagement

In the same vein, those highly sought after leads can be pushed through to your Zoho CRM as identified leads so that your appropriate teams can take the necessary actions to follow-up with them to push them into conversions. This data can help strengthen the relationship you have with those leads in the future when engagement is even higher – when consumers reach that level in the funnel, it’s highly likely that they’ll return, increasing your ability to retain them for the future. 

  • Generate scores for leads

People come to your site from all sources and with all kinds of mindsets. They might be browsing or doing some high-level research to determine what’s best for them. They might be deeper into their decision-making journey and are doing some final comparisons. They might be ready to convert and become a customer. These various levels can be categories and labeled with Zoho SalesIQ, which will help you better identify new visitors as they arrive on your site to better articulate the messaging you’ll need to use at each stage. 

  • More intuitive sales

The ultimate goal for your site is to turn leads into sales, so Zoho SalesIQ can also route those ready to convert to the proper sales channels to finalize the lead. Leads often get lost at the last possible moment, so this point of contact is crucial in capturing that lead and ultimately making that sale and improving engagement for the future. That data is then converted to your customized Zoho CRM so the rest of your teams can access that data as needed and know how to move forward with that information. 

  • Analytics for learning and action

With these kinds of tracking capabilities, your business can learn a lot about the behaviors of your audience and what their activities say about your site experience, how they find you, and what you need to know for future visitors. As more data comes in, your analytics will become more detailed and thorough to better instruct how to manage your site and consumer engagement in the future. 

  • Multi-device capabilities

Since we’re all on the go at all hours of the day and multi-tasking with everything we do, Zoho SalesIQ is also available for all of your devices so that your teams won’t miss any important lead information or opportunities for engagement.

Zoho Sales Iq | Boosted Crm

  • Multi-application integrations

Our applications keep us on track for practically every arm of our business operations, and Zoho SalesIQ is able to integrate with an impressive suite of other applications and platforms that your teams already use so there won’t be any delay in action or disruptions to business operations, keeping your teams and employees happy. 

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