Using Sales Enablement Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

Using Sales Enablement Tools to Empower Your Sales Team

One might be a great salesperson, but other variables impact closing deals. The right tools play a major role in closing deals, and sales enablement provides the sales team with the right tools to sell more effectively.

What Is Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is designed to provide your sales team tools that will help them in engaging with the customers selling your products, and closing deals more effectively and quickly.

Challenges Faced by A Manual Sales Team

Inconsistent Messaging

There are different platforms and different people with different perspectives about your service or your product. There will be chaos, with each one giving a different message and using a different script. Your website tells your customers that something is possible, and then your sales rep telling them it is not will create a negative impression.

Using Sales Enablement Tools To Empower Your Sales Team | Boosted Crm

There should be consistency in the messages across all your platforms and your sales rep. This is going to play a big role in how customers see your company.

Too Much Time on Administrative Task

It is said that sales reps spend less than 36 percent of their time on sales. Administrative tasks such as inputting all the customer data into the system and other redundant tasks, like crafting similar emails, answering similar questions, and generating reports, consume a lot of sales rep time. This reduces the time spent on more challenging tasks related to sales. When all these activities are adequately taken care of, your sales rep will have more time to concentrate on the actual selling.

Lack of Guidance

Without a standardized process, the sales rep might get lost sometimes on the task to do next, which might bring down the entire team’s productivity. The sales rep now needs to be clarified on their next steps, which have to be taken care of by another office team member. It is vital to have a properly guided process to make the sales process efficient. It also allows the sales rep to concentrate on the deals that they are working on

Poor Insight into Customers’ Needs

Asking the right question and providing prospects with relevant information helps close deals. Any disturbance here breaks the connection between the salesperson and the prospects. When on a call, responding to emails, or when sales reps are in touch with the customers, they should be provided with all the contextual information. They should also know all details about the customer they are in contact with because they may not be willing to provide the exact information too many times.

A Cluttered Inbox

Think about using your traditional mailbox it just adds all emails you receive on top of another. It neither lets, you know, the important ones that need your immediate attention, nor does it give any sales contextual information. An organized inbox is a must for succeeding in sales. It lets you stay on top of deals that matter the most, unlike the traditional email services that do not prioritize your emails.

Unorganized Sales Content

In sales, you know how important it is to have your sales documents. When carrying out an update, a missing piece of information can change a million things. A small delay in providing what your customers ask for could turn things the wrong way. These documents could be customer case studies, white papers, eBooks, product demo decks, pricing and discount information, competitive intelligence briefs, and more. Having all these documents organized, updated, and readily available when interacting with customers will share to get some brownie points.

Lack Of 24/7 Availability

It is said that about 78% of the customers buy from the first responder. When they respond within the first one hour, they are more likely to engage with the prospects better—being available no matter when or the medium is an unwritten rule for better engagement, which is only possible with real-time notifications.

Solutions to Sales Challenges

Ensuring that all information stays the same across all the different locations. Have a well-thought standardized sales process in place. A collaborative space where all the documents are maintained and updated from time to time, and essentially a way to be notified of the happenings with your customers in real-time.

Using Sales Enablement Tools To Empower Your Sales Team | Boosted Crm

The Sales Enablement Solution

The sales enablement helps to bring your sales reps up to speed with all the information that they would ever require to help them strike a perfect sales pitch all the time.

With the sales enablement functionalities in Zoho CRM, you can have different types of documents for different purposes stored in a single place to build a highly sophisticated sales process. Be able to Define what information are to be collected based on certain deciding inputs. Have an organized and informative email inbox right within your CRM and also have the ability to see what has happened to the recent activities that you would have done and other Integrations.

Proper Documentation

On a typical day, you may need to look at different documents as you may be dealing with a lot of deals in different stages. With Zoho, you have a dedicated module called as documents where you can upload all the needed documents, organize them into different folders, and share with other users or a specific group of users.

Less Time on Administrative Tasks

Customer information is the most important in deals; however, letting sales reps spend a huge amount of time filling in customer information is counterintuitive. Sales enablement can break these long forms and collect contextual information at various stages from sales reps and ultimately make it less tiresome. You can even notify someone with an email when a specific step on this data collection process is completed.

Step by Step Hand Holding

Leakages in sales happen when a streamlined process is not established. Why would the sales team look outside? If everything they need to do and follow is clearly outlined in a sequential manner. This makes it easier for the sales rep to work effectively and allows the management to be reassured that everyone is following the process in a defined way.

Sales enablement shows your sales rep only the possible stages they can transition to. Certain actions can be mandated with each transition so that only when the required information is captured, they would be able to complete the transition.

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