Upgrade Your Regpack Event Experience with Zoho Backstage

Planning and executing an event for your company can look differently depending on your industry and the size of your business and even if it’s consumer facing. No matter the size or the audience, you’ll need systems and tools in place that will help everything go smoothly, from planning, promoting, to executing. There are a ton of tools out there that can help bring these visions to life, if it’s in-person or virtual. No matter your goal, each of these tools will help you arrive at your goal.

For this purpose, we’re looking at two proven product platforms that will elevate your event as well as your brand overall – Zoho Backstage and Regpack – and we’ll explain how Zoho Backstage can take that extra step for your company as well as your brand awareness in a time of digital awareness and interaction.

  • Cost effective for all parties

In comparison to Regpack, Zoho Backstage boasts a considerably cheaper option for what they can provide for your business. Not only is the monthly package cheaper by $50 each month, but it also provides a free account option if that suits your business needs. Which each industry and consideration is different, this is certainly an advantage to boast for Zoho Backstage when putting together your events.

Upgrade Your Regpack Event Experience with Zoho Backstage
  • Social media promotion

Whether we like it or not, social media has become a powerful platform that dictates awareness and conversion. While it was, at one point in time, just a light and airy space for people to connect, it has transformed into an essential channel in reaching those that you want to engage with – and with Zoho Backstage, you’ll be able to tie your social channels with your registration features so that users can engage with your brand in other ways and hopefully, spread the word themselves through their own social channels. This additional feature in Zoho Backstage can make all the difference in your event’s awareness strengths as well as your own brand awareness as a business.

  • Considerable ease of use, intuitive – no need to incorporate developers

Setting up your event is enough work and planning, so creating your site and its destination shouldn’t be difficult. With Zoho Backstage, you’ll be able to create your event’s own microsite so you won’t need to invite developers into your process, which can become complicated or costly. Setting this up will be easy for your teams and can be easily changed. We’re living in a digital time, which means we’re all braced for surprises and plot twists, so when you experience a venue change, a speaker drop-out, or even a change in time, you can easily amend these details on the fly without feeling the need to stress out.

  • Elaborate customer service and support

When your event is about to go live or is in the midst of activation, the last thing you want to deal with is technical difficulties or issues in registration. While we never plan on things like this happening, often it’s inevitable with anything we do as people and businesses. Zoho Backstage allows for immediate and accessible customer support that can provide help and guidance in a pinch – when you don’t have the time or the patience to be trying to deal with it yourself. Available at any time with quick and immediate response rates, Zoho Backstage can help you troubleshoot no matter where you are so you can focus on what you need to focus on in real-time. Regpack has a customer service unit available, but often accessibility or availability is not always guaranteed, which can be difficult to navigate when dealing with a live event.

  • Collect feedback

Sometimes our biggest learnings come from the people we want to hear from the most. Thanks to our digital and social capabilities today, we can now gather all sorts of real-time feedback – Zoho Backstage also gathers this kind of feedback in one place and monitors the created forum so your marketing team members can hear real-human soundbites from the event and their reaction. This allows your team to also respond in real-time, improving the qualitative relationship that your brand has with its target audience. This is a huge point of differentiation from Regpack and can elevate your brand in a way that it’s never been able to be because of this listening tool.

One of the benefits of using a Zoho product like Zoho Backstage is its ability to integrate with your Zoho CRM as well as other Zoho product integrations that you have. Because the products can sync with one another, updates within Zoho Backstage will be immediately communicated within the rest of you Zoho CRM ecosystem – for registration and payments, your financial teams can be notified. For marketing campaigns and clicks to registrations, your marketing and analytics team will be notified on updates on conversion rates as well as overall campaign performance. All of this communication within your larger Zoho platform will not only teach you what worked for this event and its success, but it will also inform you of what worked and what didn’t for future events and activations. You’ll learn of areas that might need greater attention, and you’ll find out how impactful it was towards your audience as a whole.

In-person and virtual events may look a bit differently these days, but regardless of your “venue,” you still need a digital solution that will bring your activation to success. From high registrations to increase in brand awareness to any kind of conversion, your event likely has multiple goals it’s designed to achieve. Zoho Backstage will allow you to customize your digital experience prior to the event and will provide you with the tools and support you’ll need leading up to the big moment so you can focus on what needs your attention as opposed to troubleshooting. Your clients and customers will appreciate the successful activation, and your company will equally appreciate the heightened brand awareness and perception.

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