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It’s no secret that our world is currently in a huge shift in multiple ways. Digital has led the story for many years now, but up until recently, our world has relied on digital capabilities more than ever. Whether it’s for work or personal reasons, we’re relying on our devices and digital capabilities to stay connected and productive. Whether this is to stay informed and educated or it’s to remain socially intact with our loved ones, our devices and capabilities must prove reliable forms of operation for us both as consumers and as professionals.

As professionals, we’ve overall become used to operating on cloud-based systems and relying on our multiple devices to reach optimum productivity and connection. For many businesses and industries, working from home or from remote locations have proven to be effective and overall possible. As we continue to learn more about these capabilities and how it may affect the future of retail, real estate, and so many other industries, it’s crucial to think about the experiential aspect of business and marketing.

In-person events are valuable, as they provide companies to essentially put a name on an experience or otherwise “faceless” brand. Engaging with consumers in a real-time and personal way has proven to be an effective way to spread brand awareness and generate greater conversion and overall engagement. As our digital usage continues to rise, however, these in-person events are shifting to digital experiences.

Introducing Zoho Backstage

Virtual events are connecting and resonating with consumers more than ever before. Without the need of geographic location or even vehicular or transportation access, people can now attend events no matter where they are – in the comfort of their own home. Zoho Backstage has considered all of the elements that come with organizing a digital event so you don’t have to – and here are just a few ways they can do that for your business.

  • Easily integrate your brand’s design into the digital experience
    In every branded experience, your consumers will need to ensure that not only was the event memorable, but it was so in a way that they’ll recognize and engage with your brand again in the future. This is where design is so crucial. Zoho Backstage understands the importance of creating a strong branding moment, so it will work with you and your design team to ensure that all elements of the event from promotion to going live are within your brand’s parameters but also so that it’s memorable. The easy-to-use template will allow for quick execution so that you won’t miss out on valuable marketing and lead-in time for promotion.
  • Broaden your reach using the very marketing channels at your fingertips
    Your company would be remiss if it didn’t utilize all of the digital channels you already to use to promote your event. Zoho Backstage will help promote your experience by embedding our event page on your websites, your social media channels, or even other blogs. Broadening your reach for this effort will help you find new audiences while simultaneously increasing your brand’s awareness. You won’t need a designer, and your marketing team will be able to focus on planning the elements of the event instead of investing valuable time in the promotional elements.
  • Easy-to-use registration and ticketing tactics
    Since a physical box office seems to be an operation of the past, your teams must also consider that registrations and tickets are also going to be digitally operated. This is another area in which Zoho Backstage can help. It will provide a user-friendly experience on your site so users won’t feel discouraged from signing up as an agreement to engage with your brand’s experience. You’ll also be able to manage the payments, inventory, and any additional questions or custom concerns that your audience has about the virtual experience.
  • Organize and manage your sponsors
    It’s also likely that your event is relying on outside funding to help operate the logistics of your event. Managing sponsorships and those relationships often require more attention and organization than the actual event itself, so Zoho Backstage can help manage these elements of your event, even down to how the sponsorship messaging is delivered on your site and throughout the event. Your partners will not only appreciate the visibility that your event is providing, but they’ll appreciate the high level of organization and planning tactics.
  • Analyze performance with live tracking
    Our digital world wouldn’t be what it is today without the capability of analytics and reporting. From looking at how your audience engaged with your promotional tactics and messaging to engagements during the event, your company as well as any sponsors that may have partnered with you will understand the success levels of your event. This knowledge will help you plan for the future with these learnings so you can apply them for the future.
  • Interactive and engaging experiences
    Even though your events won’t be in person doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice engagement with your attendees. With live chats, polls, and even integration with mobile and apps, your audience will be able to engage with your brand and your sponsors in real-time and in ways that we never really imagined before. With these capabilities in place, Zoho Backstage will allow your brand and your audience to engage just as richly as in-person events offer.

Virtual events are certainly not going to replace in-person events, but Zoho Backstage is the tool for your business if your main goal is to activate your audience in live, real-time engagements. Your audience will still be able to engage with your company, and your sponsors will appreciate your attention to digital innovation and how people are now attending events. From planning and promotion to keeping your methods and strategies organized for the consumer experience, Zoho Backstage will help with all of your logistics to ensure a smoothly run event without sacrificing your customer experience. You won’t have to sacrifice quality, and your audience will appreciate your brand’s message.

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