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Case Study: Work Order Documentation Automation

Company Profile:

NEXGEN Solutions, LLC is a leading technology consulting firm at the forefront of innovation, dedicated to delivering exceptional software-based solutions, hosting services, and comprehensive support to clients worldwide. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to meeting unique business needs, we empower organizations to achieve their goals through cutting-edge technology

Problem Statement:

NEXGEN Solutions, LLC was facing challenges in their work order documentation generation and signing process. Before they create work orders with defined deliverables manually and undergo a manual signing process that involves approval of contracts and compliance adherence. However, the existing process is plagued by various human errors, leading to inefficiencies and delays in project execution.

Our Solution:

Based on the client’s specific requirements, we proposed to adopt the Blueprint feature to ensure adherence to strict guidelines throughout the work order generation and signing process. Firstly to streamline the process we gathered necessary information from users. We have utilized Widgets, allowing for efficient visualization and data collection. Additionally, we have implemented comprehensive Document Checking and validation procedures by leveraging multiple modules and sub form data. Our key focus was on automating the entire Signing Process of the work order, encompassing all essential stages from sending sign documents to tracking updates and final sign-offs. Furthermore, to maintain a well-documented record, our solution will automatically append a copy of the signed document to the relevant record, ensuring seamless documentation and compliance with best practices. By implementing these tailored solutions, we aimed to eliminate human errors, enhance efficiency, and deliver a robust and user-friendly automation system within Zoho CRM to meet the client’s needs effectively.


With the implementation of our automation solution, clients can now train their new users more efficiently, significantly reducing the onboarding time. The streamlined process allows for quicker and error-free Work Order Data Collection and Signing. The adoption of Widgets and Blueprint ensures a user-friendly interface that simplifies data gathering and visualization, enabling users to complete tasks with greater ease and accuracy. By automating the entire Signing Process, from document submission to final sign-offs, the system expedites the approval workflow, reducing turnaround time and potential delays. Overall, the solution has empowered clients to achieve faster and error-free work order management, leading to improved productivity and a more seamless experience for all stakeholders involved.

Customer Comments:

“I absolutely recommend Mark and his team. I have responded directly to your questions below (in red). I should tell you I have been working with technology consultants for several decades and I have never found one that I would rate 100% – which is PERFECTION. To me that is unrealistic. That probably says more about what Mark has to contend with in us as a client than it does what we have to contend with in Mark as our ZohoCRM Expert. We interviewed MANY Zoho product consulting firms before settling on BoostedCRM for our development and integration work. I don’t think you will find one with better knowledge of the Zoho product suite than BoostedCRM.”

Would you tell me a little bit about your working relationship? (Did you feel they really listened to your needs and provided solutions?
“Mark and his team do a good job of listening, I would rate them about 90% on listening to our needs and proposing appropriate solutions.
Mark and his lead analyst are always very responsive to our emails and calls and their responses contain good well thought out answers.”

What (if any) challenges did you have working with BoostedCRM?
“Nothing of consequence that I can think of. Initially, we had some issues with small development changes being made directly in production instead of the Sandbox. However, once we communicated how important it was to us that all development be done in the sandbox where possible. His team came on board and that was no longer an issue.”

What do you feel was BoostedCRM’s greatest strength throughout your project?
“Depth of knowledge and experience with ZohoCRM and its related products. The entire team has a strong understanding of the capabilities of the various Zoho products. They know what it can do, what it can’t do, and how to get around what it can’t do.”

Was your project completed on time and within budget?
“For the most part we have finished our projects on time and within the estimate that he shared at the start of the project.
Mark’s team has done many projects for us and we have many more in the pipeline.”

After the project was completed, did you feel they were still committed to solving any issues you encountered?
“Absolutely. Their support of delivered projects has been to notch. They have even come back and made recommendations based on new Zoho product offerings they think might help us.”

Any other comments?
“I really have no complaints about Mark and his team at BoostedCRM. They have been a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with them on many more projects in the future.”

Technologies Used: Zoho CRM, blueprints, Zoho writer, Zoho sign, Custom Widgets

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