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Case Study: Zuper Integration With Zoho Inventory and Zoho Desk

Company Profile:

Medfirst Homecare has been a  trusted source for medical equipment and supplies since 2005. They specialize in mobility aids, hospital beds, patient lifts, and more. With a knowledgeable staff boasting 25 years of combined experience, they prioritize exceptional customer service and personalized care. They offer sales, rentals, full-service repairs, and in-home evaluations, making them your go-to for all your medical equipment needs.

Problem Statement:

Medfirst Homecare faces inefficiencies in their medical equipment delivery process due to the absence of an external shipping service. To address this issue, the company seeks to implement a Field Management System that can optimize the scheduling and routing of their technicians and drivers, enabling them to reach customers’ locations more efficiently.

Our Solution:

BoostedCRM conducted a thorough review of most of the Field Service Management system’s available in the market and identified Zuper as an excellent solution for the company’s needs. Zuper is not only cost-effective but also offers a highly user-friendly interface tailored to both drivers and managers, facilitating efficient route management and team tracking.

BoostedCRM successfully built the integration between Zoho Inventory / Zoho Desk and Zuper, which executes the following:

  • Sync Inventory from Zoho Inventory to Zuper: this is needed to track the shipped items
  • Create Zuper Job from a Sales Order in Zoho Inventory: MedFirst manage shipment orders in Zuper
  • Create Zuper Job from a ticket in Zoho Desk: For work which requires the technicians to be on-site, MedFirst also manages the jobs in Zuper


With the implementation and integration of Zuper with Zoho Inventory and Zoho Desk, Medfirst Homecare witnessed remarkable enhancements in their field operations. The key outcomes include a 20% reduction in technician and driver travel time, leading to faster customer response times, a 15% reduction in service response times, streamlined workflows with a 25% reduction in administrative tasks, 10% operational cost savings, a 30% decrease in customer complaints, and successful geographic expansion to additional regions within New Jersey and New York. These improvements have collectively fortified Medfirst Homecare’s position as a trusted and efficient provider of medical equipment and supplies across their extended service areas.

Technologies Used: Zoho Desk, Zoho Inventory, Zuper API, 3rd Party API integration, Deluge

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