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As consumers, we’ve all faced frustration or difficulty around an experience with a product or a brand. If we’re loyal to that brand, we’ll do our due diligence to get to the root of the problem – we likely want to stick with that brand and continue our loyalty with it. So we’ll do our research and stumble across the help page to find our answers. More often than not, we want to find our answer quickly and clearly so we can avoid the outreach.

That self-sufficiency means that as consumers, we’re dedicated to providing ourselves the tools and the resources to stay in motion. If we’re tempted to try a new brand, it’s likely we won’t try to uncover an answer. So if a consumer is interacting with your help page, not only does that mean your customer is loyal, but it also implies that they’re willing to continue their business with you in the future.

Your help section on your site needs to be intuitive, easy to find, and personal. Zoho Desk will help you create the easiest to use flow so that your users will easily find their way around so they can arrive at their solution quickly and easily.

Zoho Desk isn’t just for one person or one team – it caters to multiple individuals that have different needs. This helps you stay in touch with key people in ways that you may not have known about.

Zoho Desk | Boosted Crm

  • For IT specific agents

Regardless of the size of your company or the industry that your business is in, it’s likely that your IT team receives requests for help on a regular basis, especially as our world relies more and more on smart technology. Zoho Desk allows for your agents to prioritize each ticket dependent on severity, and they’ll also be able to respond quickly and work together to find the best solution for every problem. With smart technology and organizational tools in place, they’ll also be able to identify themes if there seem to be trends or similarities behind the requests.

  • Managers for IT

Ticket volume likely increases the larger your company gets and even as our world adjusts to new technology. Zoho Desk also has features that will help your IT team identify the needs of the department overall to monitor how the team is performing, what areas might need enhancement or improvement, or how to better engage with the users that the agents are helping. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, and Zoho Desk also helps the managers stay on top of their flow.

  • Customers

As consumers ourselves, we’ve become more self-sufficient than ever before. Due to answers at our fingertips and our devices that will often troubleshoot on their own, we can know access information and find answers faster and easier. Your customers, however, will often still need help, and this is how you can design an intuitive help experience for them on your site. With FAQs and structured answer-finding design, your customers can navigate their solutions and connect with others to find how others are solving their problems. Not only will this arm them with a feeling of self-sufficiency, but they’ll appreciate the intuitive structure of your site that led them to an answer.

Zoho Desk | Boosted Crm

Zoho Desk also comes with huge benefits for you company based off past learnings and increasing awareness of consumer behavior and expectations.

  • Customized and personalized experience

Your teams worked hard to build your company and your site experience to be as strategically customized as possible, so your Zoho Desk should reflect that same effort in personalization. You can ensure that it aligns with the look and feel of the rest of your site, and you’ll also be able to integrate it with other apps within your Zoho CRMhttps://boostedcrm.com/zoho-customization/ so that any updates or information shared there will be reflected in your CRM and with your appropriate teams.

  • Company-wide support

Sometimes, the solution isn’t readily available for the customer, which means that other stakeholders or team members need to be contacted. Zoho Desk can unite these team members so that everyone is working for the same cause – to tackle a problem and provide a quick and personal solution.

  • Trend monitoring

It might be tempting to think about tackling each problem independently as one-offs for each one that comes in. What Zoho Desk helps with is identifying trends or looking at patterns that might hint at a bigger problem that might need attention. Not only will this help prevent future issues with other customers but paying attention to the bigger picture will likely create a better onsite experience overall.

  • Self-sufficiency at its greatest

Because we’re all so used to having the answers at our fingertips, literally, we often just want to find the solution ourselves. Zoho Desk will help your customers arrive at the solutions themselves or interact with others to provide community support and help. Not only will they appreciate the transparency behind the answers, but they’ll also feel empowered that they uncovered the solution themselves.

  • Multiple access and communication channels

While most customers in today’s time prefer to find the solution themselves, others still prefer to engage with the help team in a more direct and interactive way. If their problem is too complex or difficult to label, this is where Zoho Desk can help. Your features can also provide avenues of contact if users need additional or more personalized help. It’s best to provide a wide range of options that can cater to their own preferences, whether it’s by phone, email, instant chat, or even social media. They’ll appreciate having the option, and this data will also inform your teams which channels your customers engage with more on a regular basis – which is even more consumer information that you can track and identify!

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so you need to ensure that you’re providing your customers a way to get that help and solution. Zoho Desk will provide you the tools and customizations so you can keep your customer base.

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