Zoho Zia: Your Professional Assistant

Zoho Zia | Boosted Crm

No matter what industry we’re in, we’re all used to moving at light speed and often doing multiple projects at once, running handfuls of software programs, apps, and communication channels to deliver optimum results and the best collaboration tactics. Our technology has set us up to be more attentive than ever so we can arrive at deadlines faster and achieve greater long-run results for your business.

Often our workloads can become strenuous or our projects end up requiring more of our time and attention than originally anticipated. When this happens, we all tend to feel overwhelmed and a bit underwater. Since technology and our advanced communication methods have expedited our processes and allowed us to move and operate faster than ever before, it also means that it should help us when we need the help keeping up. And since so much of our operations are processed and based off algorithm or scheduling, it only makes sense that you should have technology on your side that can help streamline your workload for you.

AI has become a form of technology that has helped progress business operations and align responsibilities, deliver intuitive results, and keep us aware of the newest and greatest as they enter the market. By now, it’s likely that your business already has some features of AI helping advance your business or keep it as innovative as possible in a competitive and growing professional landscape. Not only does AI work hard to be your eyes and ears when you can’t tend to things, but it will also help your teams stay aware of new developments or advancements.

Zoho Zia | Boosted Crm

Introducing Zoho Zia

We do so much work while connected to the cloud, which means that it’s all trackable and identifiable for measurement. Additionally, now that algorithms help us greater predict and forecast, your digital behavior within your company is easier to track and measure than ever before. Zoho Zia is the AI-powered assistant tool that will help your team members operate faster, make more strategic decisions, and keep your teams educated and updated about behaviors and trends externally.

For your business, there are many ways that Zoho Zia can help grow your revenue as well as enhance the working experience for your team members. Here are just a few ways that the tool can help expand your company’s capabilities and success.

  • Analytical and data-driven reports

Since so much of our activity is done online and is trackable, it only makes sense that you should take advantage of that data and analyze it to inform your teams of what’s working and what needs greater attention. Based off of the information generated from Zoho Analytics, your teams will be able to easily request these reports with a simple query, and results will be delivered and customized immediately. With the ability to transform that data in any preferred format, it’ll be usable for any purpose.

  • Voice capability

Voice technology has transformed drastically just over the past several years, so Zoho has kept up accordingly. Now with the ability to speak to Zia, your team members can really be “hands-free” with this function. As this is especially helpful while on-the-go, having Zia activated by voice will improve timelines and processing, especially when other teams or departments are involved in projects.

Zoho Zia | Boosted Crm

  • Searching ability

As with practically every app or service we use in this time, Zoho Zia also has the capability to search within the software. There are so many projects and team members and customers operating at once, and trying to sift through all the data can be overwhelming. With this quick and easy search function, you’ll be able to reference any data point or piece of information that is available for that subject.

  • Intuitive suggestions

Responding to and reaping the benefits from algorithm is also nothing new for companies, but the more we’re adjusting to them, the more we’re better strategizing in what exactly we can do with the information that these algorithms provide. Based off engagement timing, behavior trends, or general activity, your company can better understand what your customers are doing, what their biggest needs are, and the best times and ways to interact with them for a better customer experience overall.

  • Generating your leads

This is always a hot topic, especially for the sales teams. Growing a business can be difficult, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to get off the ground. But Zoho Zia can help integrate all of the information that you might need to follow-up with leads, track their behavior, or understand where to uncover new ones. This is a great innovative feature to have, since this kind of data is changing all the time, and you’ll definitely need the help of this AI tool to keep you in movement.

  • Complete customization and calibration of your own Zoho Zia

Almost all of our devices and smart features now come with the ability to customize your experience so that it best fits your needs and preferences. The same can essentially be set for your Zoho Zia. You can teach it to respond to specific terms or phrases that you anticipate utilizing often or sync it with other Zoho applications that you know will help you perform your daily duties easier and more efficiently.

Our world has become as competitive as ever due to our incredible advancements in technology, software, and hardware. So your business and company needs to ensure that you’re using the most advanced applications to grow your business while also staying competitive and in-tune with market practices.

Your Zoho CRM has already been customized to fit the needs of your growing company, and Zoho Zia is just one more feature that can help keep your business innovative and a leader in your industry. Your internal teams will appreciate using such an innovative feature to help them in their day-to-day, and your customers will appreciate using their business with a group that is tapped in with the latest technology and innovation, which will only enhance their customer loyalty.

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