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Zia: Your New Zoho AI Friend

Every business model revolves around sales and generating revenue. Achieving these sales goals requires incredible steps and thorough processes, and seeing this success also means relying on the help of all the other departments within the company. Open communication with updated and reliable information is absolutely paramount when it comes to delivering results.

The sales team is more or less the face of the company. By nurturing client relationships and informing prospective buyers of new products or opportunities, the sellers are responsible for bringing your brand to the marketplace. Beyond growing these connections and generating brand awareness, your company’s sales team is also responsible for maintaining their progress internally. Updating their prospect lists, communicating with the business teams and finance, and following up on deliverables once a sale is made are all responsibilities of your sellers.

Balancing all these duties on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis can often be difficult to do. It may be tricky to follow market behaviors of clients and to also maintain the details of every deal. Zoho CRM helps balance all the details of every position with streamlined communication tools, ways to automate workload, and applications that help achieve all these duties while on-the-go.

For sellers, one of the additional benefits to using the Zoho CRM software is a feature that caters specifically to the sales team: Zia. This smart feature assists your sales directors with prioritization, communication, and insight on their customers. In a world in which we’re all connected, this ability for constant updated information alleviates time pressures and helps to analyze trends for better and more optimized client relationships.

Zia Your New Zoho AI Friend

What is Zia?

Zia is a virtual sales assistant, designed to help your sales team strategize their style and go-to-market approach by analyzing trends and performing tasks that can be completed through a customized automation process. Zia can also track personalized selling trends for each director so that proper focus can be placed on the accounts that require the most attention or nurturing.

Capabilities of Zia

  • Instant communication: In today’s world, we’re always connected with each other and our work. Zoho CRM software understands being on the road and the pressures that come with doing your work remotely. As sellers, always being in-the-know about key accounts is necessary, and this is how Zia can help. If you need an instant answer about an account or a piece of data, Zia can help deliver these pieces of information via chat. She can also text you the details if you prefer to have the information easily accessible and available for repeat reference.
  • Win monitor: Sales directors invest a lot of time trying to get a close lead to a sale. In many instances, especially with brand new business, it can often feel like shots in the dark. Without prior knowledge of history patterns or purchase behaviors, it can be argued that time and attention devoted to these “leads” could potentially be wasted effort. To help with this, Zia can worth with its probability calculator. It examines prior win behavior, related sales activities, your engagement and communication with the potential client, as well as the time invested with the relationship and deal. From all of this, Zia can help your sales directors figure out the probability of landing the sale and then from there, how to better formulate sales pitches for higher chances of landing a win.
  • Insight tool: Since your company is using Zoho CRM to keep all the business matters in sync and in one place, it only makes sense that one of the available capabilities of the program is a tool that can analyze the data for future use and implementation. Your sales team can figure out how to better their sales pipeline, examine their revenue, gain insight into their communication behavior, and determine future forecasts. By having these abilities at their fingertips with Zia’s insights, your sales team can apply their learnings to future client calls and enhance their strategies.
  • Implement automation: There are so many tasks that your sales department is required to complete on a regular basis that consumes a lot of their time and attention, and upon further examination, Zoho CRM noticed that so many of these regular tasks could be set up as automation. You can customize your Zia to look at the behaviors that can be automated and have her complete them instead. Not only does this remove the potential for errors and mistakes, but this grants your sellers time back so that they can instead focus on enhancing their relationships with their clients.
Zia Your New Zoho AI Friend


  • Assess attitude: We’re all adjusting to how quickly our world is changing with digital enhancement. While it’s known that the core of any successful business is personal connection with clients, it’s also realistic that the majority of our communication is done via email or through phone. With this slight removal, it can be difficult to detect tone or angle. Zia’s capabilities can impressively analyze your clients’ written behavior and communicate with you the tone they’re using so that you can address pressing matters first. After all, managing these relationships directly affects your business’s success.
  • Read your client’s relationship with your company: another benefit of having Zia on your team is her ability to analyze how your partners interact with your brand both directly with your sales team but also with your company’s platforms. Zia can track their activity on your brand’s website and social platforms, and she can also communicate to your sales leads when the best time is to engage with their clients. This insight can help streamline communication and save time from unanswered emails and voicemails.

Having a virtual sales assistant has many benefits to your sales team and company overall. With intuitive tracking abilities and automation capabilities, Zia can strengthen your sales process and allow your directors more time on sales calls and enhancing those face-to-face connections. Zoho CRM’s Zia is here to help your business with personal customization and insights.

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