Expedite Your Processes with Zoho SalesInbox


External communication with clients has certainly changed over time – in-person meetings, phone calls, and even conference calls have lowered in terms of usage, as other methods have taken their place due to increased capabilities and ease-of-use. More than anything, email is most likely the widely used form of communication for our business strategies, especially for the sales teams. Since so much documentation has to be shared back and forth as well as agreement language and the ability to track conversations, email is a proven and reliable method of sharing data between companies. 

For the sales teams, this can also be a lot of activity in their inboxes. They’re likely managing multiple accounts at once, leveraging the expertise and skills of other sales support teams internally, and also ensuring that their backend data is trackable, like with expense reports and time management. Inbox clutter can definitely contribute to overlooked details or mismanaging data. And if they’re taking time off, that inbox clutter can increase even more, which means that checking it while they’re on vacation can be a distraction and ramping up when they’re back can be a major time suck. 

This is where Zoho SalesInbox comes into play to help your sales team stay as organized and strategic as possible when it comes to order processing, identifying and converting leads, and monitoring their client relationships. 

  • Heightened and streamlined organization

We all have a system when it comes to upkeeping our inboxes and how we keep ourselves organized with our emails. Some of us might aim for an empty inbox, while some of us stick to search options to find what we need in an instant. No matter what system your sales team uses, it’s likely that need a more refined and intuitive approach to keep all aspects of their business more organized to help them manage their relationships, identify areas of prospect, and identify what’s pressing or urgent. 

Zoho SalesInbox will easily identify these threads and communication pieces and group them into specific action locations so that your sellers will be able to arrive at what’s needed of them faster and more efficiently. What’s even better about this organization is that they’ll be able to identify what information needs to be integrated into the larger Zoho CRM for your business so that these leads can be converted into your Zoho CRM faster and more intuitively. 

  • Greater client comprehension and identification

Your sales team is talking to so many people throughout the time span of one day – from internal teams to agencies to leads to even other third parties, they’re maintaining a lot of communication elements, especially through email. Since this is primarily committed through written word, it’s easier for Zoho SalesInbox to identify what information is crucial to have, like contact information, affiliation, or even where they are in the funnel. This intuition that Zoho SalesInbox provides will enhance the performance of your sellers and activate those relationships faster, especially in a time when we seem to be moving at a speed faster than ever before. This knowledge will help your sellers know how to communicate with each individual on a more personal level, allowing them to tap into that element of relationship building that is so crucial. 

  • Prioritize regarding need and demand

Again, your sellers are managing a lot – they’re on the road taking calls and meetings, which means that they may not have the ability to organize and manage their emails as quickly or as effectively as they may like. Zoho SalesInbox will help them organize this feature of their life so they can be activated on what’s most pressing and educate them on what could be considered leads. This feature will ensure that they meet deadlines of what’s required of them, and they’ll also be alerted if there’s something needed on their end to nourish a budding relationship. This will help reduce any stress they may have with a cluttered inbox, and it will help them stay on top of their business so they can focus on what’s most important and what they’re experts on. 

  • Take automation to the next level

Zoho SalesInbox works seamlessly with other tools in the Zoho ecosystem, especially your customized Zoho CRM. By using Zoho SalesInbox, valuable lead information can be transferred to your master Zoho CRM ecosystem so that other teams can use that information as they need. Your marketing team will be able to distribute important email alerts to them, your competitive analysis teams will be able to discern other relationships that are already formed and the potential to convert to your company, and your leadership team will also be able to identify the market and just how much of an impact your company can make in the industry. This capability also provides additional time to your sales team so that they can stay on the road, taking meetings, holding valuable face time, and nourishing the relationships that matter the most. 

  • Pull in analytics and performance for better relationship management

Living in our digital time is a great advantage for growing your business. We can look at and monitor behaviors from our customers, but we can also track and analyze the relationships we have with existing clients and leads to greater understand the impact our conversations are having. Zoho SalesInbox also has the capability of this digital performance tracking to see how these emails that your sales team is sending out are impacting the relationships with your clients – this data will help your teams refine your strategy step by step until you arrive at a solution that’s a winner. 

In a time when we’re all busier than ever, we often just need a hand to help us stay on track and organized. Zoho SalesInbox is designed to keep the face of your company, your sales team, organized and in-tune with what the market needs from them. The tool helps with intuitive listening and communication to help your company identify what needs to be done to turn leads into conversions. 

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