Zoho Commerce and Your Business in Today’s World

Online shopping is showing no signs of slowing down, as the ease of use and convenience of the experience has proven that it has benefits over in-person shopping. People are busier than ever, and they’re looking for digital solutions that will assist them in their busy schedules, and this includes all kinds of online shopping – from groceries and prescriptions to household necessities and even cars, the consumer shipping experience can be done practically anywhere and everywhere.

If your business is just starting out or if you’re considering branching out into ecommerce based off a physical location that you already have, there are plenty of options that you have that can bring your business into the proper ecommerce solution. Luckily, Zoho Commerce can help in every step of the way, including the steps that you may not have already considered. Ecommerce can be complicated for any business of any size, as there are many details that go into a successful operation. With a team that can help you customize your customer experience in the exact way you envision, you can deliver on several goals – from brand awareness and customer engagement to increased revenue and business growth.

Moreover, if you already use Zoho products for other areas of your business, using Zoho Commerce is an easy and intuitive integration. It connects with other apps within the Zoho family so you can be as streamlined and innovative as possible. Your proper departments will be able to receive automated updates through Zoho Commerce so that the overall customer experience won’t be sacrificed, and your business will continue to be successful.

Zoho Commerce and Your Business in Today’s World
  • Create and individualize

Ecommerce is a competitive space, and you need to ensure that your brand’s presence on your site truly captures your message and overall tone that you want to portray. It may feel overwhelming if you’re just getting started, and if you have a feeling or idea in mind for your online shopping experience, Zoho Commerce will help you in the actual building process. You can experiment with a variety of layouts and ways to present your content or your product with easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools. The templates are intuitive to play around with, and they’ll be optimized for both desktop and mobile, so you won’t have to worry about duplicating your work.

Even though we’re in a digital time and we seem to be constantly glued to our devices, we still crave the human touch and voice in every experience we have online. That’s why most sites you use these days have a blog extension to bring a human element to the brand. Zoho Commerce can help you initiate that communication feature without sacrificing your brand’s essence or the site experience overall. The team will also help you understand the best SEO strategy for your site so you can generate an increased userbase with your brand.

  • Ongoing store management

Of course, building an online store is more than just developing the site and all the nuts and bolts that go into the design. Since you’re selling a product or a service to a highly qualified audience, you want to ensure that the rest of their experience with your brand is positive and engaging. From fulfilling the order to a seamless payment process, you’ll want your customers to have a positive engagement with your site. Zoho Commerce can also help you manage these elements of your process, like managing and tracking inventory and the best ways to communication this information to your proper fulfillment teams.

The team will also guide you through the shipping and handling process, as you’ll need to create a trusting relationship with a vendor that can support your needs. In the same vein, you’ll also need to work with a separate vendor for payment processing that will not only keep your information safe and secure but also that of your customers’. Payment can also seem overwhelming when it comes to determining the proper sales tax for each state so you can legally comply with the requirements. This is another area that the team can help you with and to ensure that your proper departments will be notified. In addition, as your site grows, you’ll need to grant access to certain capabilities within your site to help manage the demand, and Zoho Commerce will help administer access and create a customized solution for each key stakeholder.

Zoho Commerce and Your Business in Today’s World
  • Marketing and engagement

You know that managing your online store is more than just selling products or services. Since this space has become drastically competitive, you’ll need to ensure that your brand leaves an impression on your customer once they’re on your site. From reaching first-time customers through marketing and promotion to engaging with them while on the site and after they leave, Zoho Commerce can help you obtain new customers and retain the ones that are already loyal to your brand. You can implement a coupon strategy to grab the attention of customers, recommend similar products to maintain their attention and increase their session duration, and you can even reach out to them if they’ve left the site with a full cart. With all of these touchpoints, you can remain top-of-mind with these customers even after their experience with your brand.

In today’s world, since we’re all inundated with brand messages, it can be difficult to sift through the clutter, and sometimes consumers need a nudge to push them in a certain direction. That’s why there’s a huge value in offering customer reviews on site so potential customers can see the success rates of other customers.

And since there’s always room for improvement, Zoho Commerce will help you better understand the user journey behavior on your site to determine what’s working and what may need some extra help or attention. With personalized marketing plans based off funnel analytics and customized reports, you can figure out what your customers need that you’re not providing. With each tweak and update, you can create a better experience every time.

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