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Zoho Marketing Hub is a powerful marketing automation software that combines the benefits of a cohesive platform with the functionality of distinct marketing tools. With Marketing Hub, you’ll be able to understand the reasoning behind everything–from why people visited your website and what stage your leads are currently in, to how a recent successful campaign fetched more returns.

Visualizing personalized conversion journeys

By constructing these journeys, you are able to delineate and control your customers’ and leads’ narratives, as well as making it simpler to reach them as they advance along their respective paths. It is important to remember that these journeys are not simply about targeting a specific group of people with certain content that can be acted upon–they are about the what, the why, and the how.

Behavioral marketing

What if you had keen insights into what your leads wanted? With Zoho Marketing Hub, you can discover the story behind each visitor to your website and every user of your product features. With behavioral analytics, you’ll know why a visitor clicked your call-to-action, whether they took the actions you wanted, and what makes them care for your brand.


Marketing automation is all about enhancing the strategic areas of your business, and Zoho MarketingHub’s ‘smart’ dashboard rightly delivers this. Along with insights about your overall performance, you have the option to choose what you want to see on your dashboard—whether it’s your lead growth, website activities, or recent campaigns. This level of customization is new and smart, giving you the ability to directly impact your business in a positive way.

Marketing Campaigns

The campaign planner is a tool that helps you to plan and implement your marketing campaign from the very beginning. By defining your objectives and targets, choosing your engagement channel and setting your budget, you can let the tool take care of the rest. It provides real-time performance metrics for your campaign, such as budget allocation, channel performance, touchpoint analysis and monetary estimation, so that you can see what is working and what is not. In this way, the complex process of running marketing campaigns can be made simpler and more effective.

Potential Lead Opportunities

Lead generation tools are important for understanding how customers interact with your brand. Touchpoints and attribution reports give a clear view of the customer journey, from initial interest to the time they sign up or take action. Lead generation tools like smart pop-ups, signup forms, and OnSpot forms help you broaden your lead base. Lead insights offer much deeper metrics, such as growth over time, engagement levels, tag associations, and more.

Micro-Funnel Methodology

At Marketing Hub, we understand how important it is to have a streamlined qualification process. That’s why we provide scores and tags to help you segment the best leads. Cumulative scores help you gauge the high-performing leads, and you can group them for further reference using a tag. The lead stages tool helps you categorize leads based on their current engagement stage, which makes micro-targeting easier.

Omnichannel Support

As a brand, you must try to reach an audience that is spread out over multiple channels and platforms. The first step to engage them is to identify potential revenue-generating channels. The marketing automation software you use should meet this need. With Marketing Hub, you can channelize your engagement with leads and customers across different platforms without having to leave your current interface.

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