Zoho Forms: Consolidate Your Business Processes

Zoho Forms

So much of our business operations are run digitally and automatically now that it can be hard to think back to a time when we weren’t relying on our technology to help us maintain our success. We’re able to learn incredible amounts by observing and analyzing these digital behaviors so that we can get a better understanding of what our consumers need, how they think, and how to improve your business operations to satisfy those needs and interests. 

We’re also living in a world that is, for the most part, dictated by these digital adaptations. While we still rely on print products and hard copies for specific needs and areas of focus, we’re always thinking of ways to digitize our processes to ensure that we’re moving as quickly as possible while catering to the expectations of our clients and customers. These digitized operations not only eliminate the tedious back-and-forth, but they save incredible time and energy for every stakeholder involved. 

One of those operations worth noting is the ability to digitize the form process. When following the back-and-forth system of transferring data, like contracts and agreements, important documents can get lost in the mail, they can get caught in firewalls through email, and there’s also a lot of time wasted in the waiting process and sending part of the operation. In so many instances, these documents are time-sensitive, so there’s also incredible pressure that comes with waiting for materials that are crucial for the progress of a business. 

This data is necessary for a company to be successful, so there needs to be a solution for this to match the speed of other arms of your business. Luckily, Zoho has that very solutions: Zoho Forms. Here are just a few benefits of integrating this digital capability within your customized Zoho CRM. 

  • Complete customization control 

Every business is different and has unique needs, so it makes sense that Zoho Forms provides your business the varieties that it needs to meet its goals. You’ll be able to choose from various design elements so that it fits your brand identity and how you communicate with your clients and customers. With a simple user interface, your teams will be able to easily customize the features they need without overcomplicating things, and with every step in the process, no one will have the need to code or loop in your engineering or software teams – saving everyone time.

  • Flexibility within various channels

Since each business’s needs are different and have various ways for communication with clients and customers, Zoho Forms allows your business to decide where these forms live. Since our world is so heavily digital now with various platforms with which to engage, Zoho Forms makes it easy to connect with your network on practically every channel. From your main site to your social platforms to your email outreach, your business can collect data from all kinds of channels so you can get a more thorough and well-rounded view of the behaviors of your clients and customers. Additionally, this also means that you won’t be missing out on important data from a percentage of your network by not connecting with a specific channel – this holistic approach will ensure that your tapping into all areas of where they are. 

  • Notifications to keep stakeholders informed and on schedule

With so many moving parts in our world and since we can operate faster than ever before, it might be easy to lose track of a process or a required action. So much of our processes are automated, but there are still plenty of instances where attention and action are still required. This was noted during the creation of Zoho Forms, so the product will notify the required stakeholders when an action is needed or to simply alert parties when an action or step is completed. This can be customized and personalized to fit the needs of each team and each team member to ensure that expectations are met, and deadlines are not missed. 

  • Performance and analyzation capabilities

Another advantage to living in this digital time is the ability to track and monitor activity to inform your company of success, areas of improvement, and how your clients and customers are engaging with your brand. Zoho Forms will help you take the data from these forms and integrate them into other forms of data storage or strategies that can help your teams arrive at the conclusions they need. These metrics will also inform your teams on the performance of some of your marketing efforts that you use Zoho Forms for so they can identify trends, successes, and areas of improvement. 

  • App integration for optimum movement

Since every business is unique and every team requires different tools and strategies to complete their work, another benefit to using Zoho Forms is the integration capability with other apps and products. Your financial teams use different tools than your HR team, and your sales team requires certain products that perhaps your strategy teams won’t need. No matter their needs, Zoho Forms can be integrated with other apps within your Zoho CRM that they already use to make all of your processes even easier and more streamlined. 

  • Mobile capability

Lastly, we’re all on the go and connected at all times now, which means that our business operations are moving even fast because of this. Zoho Forms is fully functional with iOS and Android devices so that you can continue your expected processes, even if you’re on vacation, if it’s a Sunday, or if it’s 3 am. Say goodbye to missed deadlines! 

We’re all trying to understand our clients and customers more, and one of the many advantages of living in this digital time is that we can do this seamlessly without being intrusive. Zoho Forms allows your teams to collect critical data and information, and since the product communicates directly with your customized Zoho CRM, your dedicated teams will be able to use and analyze that data for future campaigns, broadening your reach and overall brand awareness.

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