HMS Fabrics - NETSUITE to ZOHO Migration

Case Study: NETSUITE to ZOHO Migration

Company Profile:

HMS Fabrics is one of the largest fabric distributors in the USA for men’s clothing, which ran its business operations using a complex set of tools and platforms.

Problem Statement:

They had been using the legacy system NETSUITE as their CRM but found that it was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain. Additionally, since the system was so outdated, it could not easily accommodate new features and technologies or integrate with other systems.

HMS Fabric’s management team decided that it was time to migrate their data to a more modern CRM that would provide them with greater capabilities. They decided to use ZOHO as their chosen platform and approached us, knowing our expertise in the area of data migration.

Our Solution:

We began by conducting an assessment of their existing CRM and mapping out the relationships between different modules and data points. We then developed a plan to back up and migrate the data to ZOHO.

Once the migration was complete, we ran a series of tests to check that all of the data had been migrated successfully and that everything was functioning as it should be. We also provided HMS Fabrics with comprehensive training on how to use ZOHO CRM so that their team would be able to make the most of its features.


The result was a smooth transition from their old CRM to ZOHO and immediate access to better data management capabilities. With our help, HMS Fabrics was now able to run its operations more efficiently and gain insight into customer interactions that had previously been unavailable. The team at HMS Fabrics was very pleased with the outcome and thanked us for our expertise. 

We were proud to have provided HMS Fabrics with a more robust and effective CRM system that allowed them to streamline their business operations. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the future. 

We appreciate the trust that HMS Fabrics placed in us and are proud to have been part of their journey toward greater efficiency. We look forward to continuing this relationship, as well as helping many other businesses benefit from ZOHO’s features.       

We have experience successfully migrating data from all types of platforms, making sure our client’s data is safe throughout the transition.

Technologies Used: ZOHO CRM, Zoho desk

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