Zoho Workplace: A Unified Work System

Our work within a company continues to advance and shift due to all of the innovations within technology and the apps that we use. As productivity models continue to be replaced with more efficient tools and resources, not only do you have to consider how to introduce these improvements into your workforce but account for the time it takes to integrate and implement these new features – while also carving out time for adjustment, learning, and adaptation.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that as our world continues to innovate around us, the innovations are factoring in that processes and tools need to be as intuitive and as user-friendly as possible. As more features enter the market that can make your choices more difficult, engineers know that ultimately, ease-of-use is one of the most important features of any kind of program and tool. Simply put, if it’s not easy to use or natural, users won’t come back and will find another solution.

In addition to that need of intuitive design and control, users also need to ensure that collaboration is easier than ever – our technology is connecting us more than ever both in our personal and our professional lives. So this means that the programs your company use need to also support the optimum collaborative experience.

A simple solution to all of these needs is Zoho Workplace. In a time when efficiency is paramount and communication is immediate, Zoho Workplace allows for your teams to work together in an intuitive platform that supports collaboration and effective project management. Here are some ways that Zoho Workplace can help advance your business operations and increase productivity while simultaneously keeping your teams happy.

  • Collaborate in real time with trusted products

One of the greatest benefits of using cloud-based software is the incredible amount of time and energy it saves. Instead of sharing documents via email and waiting for others to contribute their part, Zoho Workplace allows your teams to share these crucial documents in one place so that all key stakeholders can access them and contribute at the same time as others. This is capable for Zoho Writer, Sheets, and Show so that progress is made faster and more efficiently. Save your teams headaches due from version control nightmares, time wasted for chain email delivery, or worry over meeting deadlines. Hosting these documents in Zoho Workplace also allows for your teams to work more efficiently in a remote-based world, as people can access these documents at home or on multiple devices, further supporting cross-team collaboration. Another bonus is that sharing is reduced to simply sharing a link instead of worrying about uploading nightmares or sizing issues. Say goodbye to bounce back emails, version control nightmares, and lost time and effort with this capability.

  • Bring your teams together – no matter where they are

Our technology has brought us into a reality in which we’re capable of working practically wherever we are. Thanks to cloud-based software and virtual meeting capabilities, your business is still able to run efficiently with your employees working from their homes, in remote locations, or even on the go. Zoho Workplace also supports other Zoho tools like Zoho WorkDrive, ShowTime, and Meeting – this allows for your teams to collaborate together “face-to-face,” which means that working from home doesn’t mean your teams have to sacrifice the value of working together. Holding virtual meetings or presentations is a capability with the alignment of these other resources, and your teams can still interact with clients and customers using the best of our collaborative and innovative technology. As these products continue to advance and provide greater collaboration, your teams will approach each innovation with willingness and open minds.

  • Communicate effectively and efficiently

Whether your teams are working from home, remotely, or in the office, your teams need to be able to communicate with others quickly about their projects. Whether the communication needs to be formal with multiple people involved in the conversation or can be solved with a quick instant message for the purpose of arriving at a quick answer, Zoho Workplace allows for the use of several applications so your employees can connect in real time. With the Zoho platforms Mail, Cliq, and Connect, your teams can participate in conversations easily to free up valuable email clutter, sync with other WorkDrive applications, and Zoho integrate with other productivity apps to keep processes in motion and everyone connected. They’ll also appreciate that they can maintain the positive relationships that they’ve built with their coworkers in the best way that they can during remote or virtual work.

In a time when our technology allows us and encourages us to be more connected than ever, your business operations need to be able to follow suit with what the general consumer population is used to. Not only will your teams appreciate that your administrative team is paying attention to market trends and keeping up, but they’ll practice their flexibility in adapting to new features and capabilities as our technology continues to advance and progress with time.

Additionally, your internal efficiency will come through to your external communications and connections. Since you’ll arrive at deadlines faster due to Zoho Workplace’s capabilities, you’ll strengthen the relationships you have with your clients and customers. They’ll also appreciate that your internal structure is educated on the latest cloud-based productivity, and they’ll likely reap the benefits of this awareness and willingness to stay connected and up to date in the latest advancements.

As our world in general becomes more and more used to virtual and remote working capabilities, cloud-based software and applications allow for business as usual to continue. Your team members won’t have to sacrifice valuable face time with clients and customers, and they’ll still be able to effectively communicate and connect with others both immediately and effectively. While in-person interaction may be a missed value in today’s world, your business can still be run successfully without sacrificing the satisfaction of your employees or your external partnerships or relationships.

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