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Zoho Sheet | Boosted Crm

Spreadsheets have been a tool that we’ve all been using for decades, both professionally and personally. They help us stay organized, on track, and up to date on what we want to achieve, where we’re at, and how much further we need to go. Of course, the capabilities of the spreadsheet have been enhanced so many times over these decades, and now, it seems as though the possibilities are endless with what we can do with the simple spreadsheet. These innovations should continue to be utilized to help keep the information and data of your business as forward as possible.

With tabs, calculations, coloring capability, and charts (and so much more), the spreadsheet has evolved into something that is now helpful for collaboration. With Zoho Sheets, your teams can now use all the benefits of the traditional spreadsheet but with the advantage of it living in the cloud so that your teammates can create and access the data in one place all at the same time. This eliminates the need for version control, it saves tremendous time in email back and forth and hard drive storage, and it’s fully accessible across all devices so that you won’t have to worry about access while only in office. Since Zoho Sheets is a part of the larger Zoho product family, integration with other products within your Zoho portfolio has never been easier, making collaboration and delivery more concise, automated, and practical for all teams involved.

  • Keep data in a visually effective strategy

Most of us at this point are likely somewhat familiar of spreadsheet management and the value that they offer to all kinds of businesses across so many industries. Zoho Sheet, the Zoho version of the spreadsheet product, will perform at the spreadsheet level and so much for. Track data, do real-time calculations, compare YOY information, and watch your hard data go from dull to interactive and analytical.

Zoho Sheet | Boosted Crm

  • Benefit from real-time collaboration with a team approach

One of the benefits of using Zoho Sheet is the ability of other teams to access the same document at the same time, allowing for optimum collaboration and reduced time spent worrying about version control or projects that require multiple stakeholders. Zoho Sheets allows users to engage and interact with one another within the document so that changes and updates are as clear as possible across teams. With tagging options, users can delegate others, ask questions, or even challenge if data doesn’t seem right or is confusing. Because Zoho Sheet is supported by the cloud, your teams won’t have to worry about lost data or having it live in just one person’s hard drive or email inbox.

  • Use owner capabilities to determine privacy levels and security

There are times when you simply want to just share data instead of making it interactive, so Zoho Sheets allows your team members to decide the functionality of each person upon receipt. You can decide if it’s read-only or if there are editing capabilities across the board. This ensures that data doesn’t accidently gets changed or removed when referencing, and it also ensures the key stakeholder maintains ownership. Zoho Sheets also activates version backup, so if editability is activated to other team members, you’ll be able to see what’s been changed in the event something is performed by accident or old data needs to be referenced.

  • Circulate data to those beyond

If there are elements of your business that are external facing, you may want to have the ability to share certain data points about your business. With Zoho Sheets, you’ll be able to publish aspects of your document as you see fit on your site, as a piece of another report, or even into an email. You’ll be able to share this data easily so that your customers, clients, or anyone else can access the data that you’re choosing to circulate. And with access control, you’ll still be able to manage the ability of change.

  • Microsoft Excel conversion and next-level capabilities

There are often moments when you might prefer to work in Microsoft Excel as opposed to Zoho Sheets in the cloud. When these moments happen, you’ll be able to easily do so by converting what’s been done in Zoho Sheets to Excel. From the cloud, you’ll also be able to print or convert to other formats depending on what you need to do.

Zoho Sheet | Boosted Crm

  • Migrate to any other areas

Because Zoho Sheets is cloud-based, you’ll also be able to move the document from other cloud-based drives so that you can share more broadly. If you have documents in other cloud drives, you can also move them over to avoid duplication or cross-over, which can be especially important as we continue to innovate and update faster than ever. This capability will also help keep all your teams in one location, removing the possibility of misinformation or lag.

  • Operate across devices for optimum movement

A huge benefit to working in any cloud-based platform is that we can operate in real-time no matter where we are. Whether you’re in an office, working remotely, or even playing catch-up over the weekend, you’ll be able to access Zoho Sheets information no matter where you are or what device you’re using – even on mobile. You can keep processes in motion and access data in real-time no matter where you are. This ability will keep all of your teams in-the-know so you can feel confident that no team member is keeping processes back.

Data is constantly changing, and it needs to be monitored and analyzed at all times to track growth, recognize trends, and identify areas of success and improvement. Zoho Sheets allows for that ongoing examination, and with so many innovative elements that come with the product, you’ll be able to look at your company’s data in ways that you never considered. With easy to use elements and flow that every team member is already accustomed to, you won’t have to worry about wasted integration time or adjustment periods, allowing the movement of your company as forward as possible.

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