Zoho Quickbooks Integration

  • Quickbooks Enterprise/Desktop and Zoho CRM or Zoho Books Integration/Sync:

Boosted CRM provides an efficient reliable .NET solution to 2-way sync records between the two system. Usually, our clients are interested in sending Customer, Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders from Zoho or from Zoho Books to Quickbooks Enterprise. This sync an be 1-way from Zoho to QB or 2-way. 

For example, if you want your sales team to be able to create estimates, invoices, or Sales orders in Zoho and you want all these records to be sent over to QB. This would be a 1-way integration. In some scenarios, you might want the status of an invoice or item’s stock inventory to be updated back in Zoho. This requires a 2-way integration.

Usually other companies use four separate systems to sync records between Zoho and Quickbooks Desktop: 

  1. They use QB connector
  2. A web service to connect QB API to your physical server
  3. Call Zoho API through web service
  4. Another main server to trigger your nightly synchronization & keep track of your account and subscription fee charged on a monthly/yearly basis
Obviously because there are several systems involved, it reduces the reliability of the system.

How does our integration work: 

  1. We use windows .NET technology to create a small windows application. We simply upload the app to your own Quickbooks server and configure it. It does all the following for you:
  2. The configuration page to connect the app
  3. API calls between QB and Zoho
  4. We include our own web connector in the app so we do not need to utilize Quickbooks web-connector
  5. We include our own web server inside the app, so we don’t need to use any third party web services
  6. We also include a scheduler page that you can use to setup how often you need to sync Quickbooks with Zoho
  7. This application will run on your server and takes care of everything. 

Benefits of using our solution!

  1. 1. The modules you want to sync between the two system can be fully customized based on your needs
  2. 2. There is only one time cost of creating and setting up the app and there is no monthly charge
  3. 3. Since this application doesn’t need to connect to 4 different systems together, It is a much more reliable solution
  4. 4. Our integration works with Zoho API V.20 which is much faster and more powerful than V.10

The video below is a walk through of one of our integrations. If you are interested in integrating your Zoho CRM/Books with Quickbooks Enterprise, please contact us.