Zoho Notebook and Your Business: A Step Ahead of Evernote

Moments of inspiration can hit us at any given moment – it’s what we do to track those moments that matter. Some of us prefer to keep a notebook on our desks available to create to-do lists or keep track of our thoughts as they come in. We use them to keep track of important concepts during trainings or meetings. But often, handwriting can be a long process, and we often miss crucial details while in the process of physically writing. As we arrive deeper in the 21st century, we’re adapting to digital strategies more and more, and the art of handwriting notes may be slowly on its way out.

There are now digital tools available to help with that digital thought organization so that you can maintain your to-do lists in a captivating and actionable way, and furthermore, there are now capabilities for sharing with teammates or syncing with others so that projects can move faster, and idea-sharing can be more collaborative and digital-forward. There are a ton of options available in the market that can satisfy those needs, but there are a few leaders for businesses across the board. For this purpose, there are several ways in which Zoho Notebook outperforms Evernote, and here are just a few.

  • Better for business needs and purposes

When we’re in brainstorm or ideating mode, we’re often jotting things down that resonate with us or just trying to follow the flow that our brain is leading. When taking these notes in real-time, they may not always make complete sense, but we don’t want to lose our motivation or momentum. In times when it makes sense to share those notes or collaborate with others within your business organization, this is when Zoho Notebook shines. This capability allows for your coworkers to brainstorm and ideate together, sharing notes and working together to arrive at conclusions or solutions together. And even if there isn’t a solution, Zoho Notebook supports general collaboration and sharing.

Zoho Notebook and Your Business A Step Ahead of Evernote
  • Stronger product support and quality level

Constant and ongoing innovation is a goal for any kind of product or feature, and this is another area where Zoho Notebook wins. As it’s constantly upgrading its features and improving its experiences, you and your teammates can benefit from these enhancements – with streamlined synchronization and collaboration features, you’ll be able to use the platform more fully and truly elevate the experience to new capabilities. You’ll even learn how flexible it is for other tools you already use to help streamline email communication, project management, or even overall production quality.

  • Ongoing updates help over time, more intuitive

Another benefit to using Zoho Notebook and those updates mentioned above is that these enhancements are done based off what the team deems as necessary and required. So the more that you and your teams use the platform, the more that the developers will learn and understand what additional needs you have. This means that over time, the tool will become more intuitive as it learns your needs, making your overall experience better.

  • Easier to use and customize

Using a notes feature can often be a very personalized experience. Keeping notes in a notebook is a practice that is essentially only designed for your eyes, so there is something very personal about this process. This is why it makes sense that Zoho Notebook is completely customizable to fit your needs and preferences to make your experience enjoyable. And creating this personal and unique experience is easy to do, which will only encourage you to continue using it more often. You’ll be able to continue that customization and personalization process as you go so that as you shift mindsets, the tool will shift with you.

  • Free and without any ad experience

A huge advantage to using Zoho Notebook over Evernote is that it’s free to use without any kind of ad experience. This allows you to use the tool without any kind of disruption to your thought process, and you’ll feel as though you’re in a truly safe space with your ideas and thought process. You and your team members will feel safe to use the tool without distraction or disruption to your brainstorming processes.

  • Multiple languages supported beyond English

Another differentiation of Zoho Notebook from Evernote is that it supports languages from all over the world beyond English. If your company has teams in countries beyond the US or if you team members that lean on a different language, Zoho Notebook is there for them. This also means that your support capabilities are more diverse and will cater to all of those languages that you’ll need.

As many businesses continue to adjust to some element of remote work, your teams are likely relying on multiple devices at once to maintain their productivity while at home. This is why it’s so crucial to include that Zoho Notebook has capabilities to sync across all devices. Instead of relying on just mobile, users have the ability to use the tool on their computers or tablets during the day while conducting business so they don’t break flow or motivation. Additionally, this can also enhance the shareability of the content since your teams are already using their desktops primarily for work.

Innovation doesn’t always have to mean extreme digital advancement or critical analytical improvement. Sometimes it can simply mean bringing a proven practice into the digital age and giving it an upgrade. There’s beauty in brainstorming and arriving at an innovative idea – tools like Zoho Notebook can bring your business forward by improving on a concept that has already existed. Your teams will appreciate the ability to sync together with this simple and easy to use tool that can expedite the brainstorming process and welcome increased collaboration. You’ll arrive at innovation faster, and your teams will work together in ways that are more welcoming to new ideas and greater flexibility.

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