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Zoho Invoice

No matter your business or industry, monies need to come in and go out. You likely rely on multiple vendors and partners to help keep your operations in motion, whether it’s utilities to keep the lights on in your office or a way to pay freelancers for odd jobs or outside expertise, you are constantly bringing in money and spending it. Your financial teams work hard enough monitoring and keeping track of this data, but you also need a communication system in place that can regulate what is expected from your customers and your vendors. Because every business is different and has unique needs, you need a platform that is customizable for your business so you can manage expectations of everyone that keeps your business in motion.

Zoho Invoice is a solution for your business in that sense. From developing on-brand invoices that can be distributed on bases that make sense for your business to the ability of estimate conversion, you can easily manage the invoice system from multiple angles and needs so that you can not only stay on top of what’s coming in and coming out, but you’ll also be able to manage the relationships that come with that back-and-forth. Automation with personalization can mean the difference of lost business between recurrent business. As consumers, we all have endless options, which make customer satisfaction harder to come by than ever before – Zoho Invoice will ensure that your company sends and receives the funds as necessary while simultaneously nurturing and nourishing the relationships that you have with these outside parties.

  • Create simple invoice templates for quick and efficient delivery

Because we’ve pretty much gone almost completely digital, it makes sense that your company operate with a digital invoicing system. With Zoho Invoice, you’ll be able to create easy-to-use and customized templates that feature your brand voice and identity so that your customers and clients can easily recognize materials from your group in a memorable and impactful way. Since your company knows the volume of which you’ll be using these invoices, you’ll be able to determine what information you’ll need to include and what data your vendors and partners will need to communicate with you. You can choose from multiple currencies and languages if your company operates internationally, and you also have the option to send out recurring invoices automatically, removing tedious or manual operations, saving valuable time and energy for your teams.

  • Collect payments in multiple ways as per your customers’ preferences

Depending on your business, you probably require some form of recurring payments from your customers or vendors to ensure efficient delivery of products or services. Zoho Invoice allows you to not only accept various methods of payments online to fit your customers’ needs, but you’ll also be able to keep your own business on track by sending payment reminders to external parties so that they can ensure they pay on time. As consumers ourselves, we’ve grown accustomed to channels saving our payment information so that we can remove repetition or hassle, so it’s a huge benefit that Zoho Invoice also provides this ability for your customers. This saves them time and energy, which deepens your customers’ brand loyalty with your business in a safe and secure way.

  • Craft estimates for simple processing and conversion to invoices

If your business requires the development of estimates on a regular basis, this is another advantage that Zoho Invoice offers. Not only does this capability have a routing and approval option within the client portal, but once approved, your internal teams will be able to convert the approved estimate into an invoice in just one step, saving time and energy for all parties involved. From there, activations will also take place, prompting key stakeholder to take action as necessary to move the process along in a timely and efficient way.

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  • Track time in real-time and easily submit for approval

When working on projects that require a time-tracking system, Zoho Invoice can deliver on an easy and effortless way to monitor time spent so that you can bill your clients transparently and honestly. This will straightforwardly communicate outstanding steps and payments to your partners so that payment expectations are clear, removing any doubt around when payment is due to also eliminate uncomfortable conversations. This transparent delivery will ensure quick payment and cement deeper relationships with your clients.

  • Track and approve expenses for immediate return

In addition to tracking time spent, Zoho Invoice can also help manage expenses and formulate that information in a clean and concise expense report, easily communicated how much was spent and on what so that payment can be quickly and easily processed without question. Zoho Invoice will easily record the expenses, scan any required receipts for proof of payment, and deliver the reports to your vendor or customer in a clear way.

  • Access via various devices for ease and efficiency

So much of what we do on a regular basis is on-the-go these days, or in increasing cases, remotely. Your teams won’t need to worry about printers or scanners, as Zoho Invoice works through your mobile devices so you can easily capture required receipts, documents, and even signatures from any device so you won’t have to worry about processes getting held up due to machine access. Keep everything in motion no matter where you are, and your customers will, as a result, appreciate the quick turnaround on communication and update.

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We’re all moving faster than ever these days, and innovation seems to come at us just as quickly. Zoho Invoice stays ahead with that innovation so that you can move your business just as fast without losing out on customer loyalty or engagement. Eliminate uncomfortable customer conversations around outstanding payments with automation abilities, and be transparent with your partners around time and money spent for the ease of payment delivery. Managing customer and partner expectations has never been easier, and as our world continues to innovate, Zoho Invoice will keep you and your business up-to-speed without losing your brand’s personal touch.

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