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Zoho Flow

Our technology over the past decade has advanced at an incredible rate, and as consumers, we’ve adapted to this digital shift pretty easily and quickly. We watched our devices connect with one another, we’ve seen algorithms understand our preferences, and we’ve seen how we’ve abandoned tools and resources that no long provide value or equate to convenience. Watching all of this seems as though it happened in the blink of an eye, but just as quickly, we adapted, and it may even feel difficult to remember a time when we didn’t have these technological advancement luxuries.

With this in mind, it’s important to think about how your business has adapted and responded to these changes. Understandably, it does take time to integrate and implement new technology or processes to dozens or hundreds of people at a time for a universal goal, but it’s still crucial to ensure that your company is doing what it can to stay innovative and competitive in a market that only continues to get more cluttered. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that the more often you introduce these innovations and improvements, it gets easier for your teams to adjust each time, and as they learn that each upgrade equates to an easier workflow for them, the easier it will be to introduce other integrations and improvements in the future.

Zoho Flow is one way to truly introduce a seamless process for all of your teams. With automation likely already being a part of your company’s story, increased connection will only increase that automation and decrease lost time and energy. Zoho Flow connects all of the apps that your teams already use so that internal communication and collaboration will be even easier and more natural. You won’t have to take away any of the apps, and you won’t have to onboard new team members or new processes – ultimately, it’s a way to remove the silos in your company so that everything moves faster, easier, and more efficiently. Here are just a few key wins with Zoho Flow.

Zoho Flow | Boosted Crm

  • Teams can work together to determine the best flow

Any successful business has teams that work well together and have open communication around what they need from each other. Additionally, not one project can be completed without the help or input from other teams, which is why it’s so important that Zoho Flow encourages for teams to work together to determine which workflow makes the most sense for all teams involved. Not only will this encourage even more powerful and collaborative teamwork, but it will ensure that the best workflow is created. Since all team members will have a say, the final output will be the strongest and most efficient.

You won’t need your IT team involved in order to create these workflows, and you won’t need to tap into an expert to help. With an easy drop action tool that will allow your teams to determine which apps make the most sense to integrate, the user intuition will be easy from the start. This will encourage your teams to trial and error to determine what will work the best, and this also means that your teams aren’t tied to just one solution. Adaptations can be easy and intuitive.

  • Tap into what’s used the most often

This may vary dependent on team or department, but your teams will be able to determine which apps they use the most and take inventory on which ones will be even better if they’re synced with others. You’ll likely notice some symmetry, as most will probably sync their email and their preferred communication tools together, especially as our society becomes more and more digitally connected no matter where we are. Your teams will be able to move from one app to the next easily and seamlessly.

  • Multi-step flow automation

Your teams probably already have a few pain points in mind at introduction of Zoho Flow, so this is a moment for them to determine how this application can help improve their daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly time spent. They’ll know best about what’s eating up their valuable time, so they’re the best ones to determine these user flows. As our technology continues to advance over time, they’ll also be able to tweak these flows and make them even easier as time goes on.

  • Solution starters

If your teams need a little bit of a push in determining what they can do to automate their flows or how to sync their apps, Zoho Flow also offers some pre-built structures for initial ideas or inspiration. From there, your teams will likely be able to customize as they go, see what’s working, and determine how they can improve what they’ve built.

Bringing your business apps together is a surefire way to save time but also ensure that no details are left unnoticed. From your Zoho CRM to your Google applications, your workflows can truly be satisfied no matter what apps you choose to sync. The best part about the process is that it’s incredibly easy to use and navigate, and you won’t need experts to come in for training or customization.

In our current world of digital advancement and constant communication, information overload can absolutely be a reality, especially when there’s duplication or unnecessary contact. Your business certainly doesn’t want to be a part of that conversation, so it’s imperative that you use Zoho Flow to alleviate overwork or duplication from your teams, but also so you don’t overburden your customers with data. By syncing your apps in one place and improving your workflow, you’ll help remove the clutter and chatter and go to market as succinctly as possible. Not only will this improve the happiness of your teams on a daily basis, but you’ll strengthen the relationship you have with your existing partners and improve and expand your brand awareness in the marketplace. Zoho Flow will keep your company innovative while removing the clutter at the same time.

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