Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Finance Team

Every team within any organization is essential to driving success and customer satisfaction. There are teams, however, that carry a heavier weight than others when it comes to various levels of success. Your Human Resources team needs to cater to the happiness of your employees and legal requirements, while your sales team is crucial to bringing in revenue and deep relationships. Your finance team, however, holds the unique responsibility of essentially keeping the lights on for your business, both literally and figuratively. This team needs to be extremely attentive to detail, as they are responsible for managing the financial aspect of your business. By monitoring and tracking every cent that comes in and goes out, they know what actions need to be taken to remain successful, to see growth, and to identify where they need to improve, either in revenue or in loss.

Every team needs tools that help them perform their job, but this team might just be the one that needs the most innovative tools out there. Because there is little room for error for these individuals, they need applications and products that they can rely on, that are easy to use, and will help save them time and energy. Luckily, there are quite a few products within the Zoho CRM suite that can aid your financial teams in what they need to maintain their productivity but to improve their processes so that your business can continue to grow and broaden. Here are just a few of them and how they can help your business.

  • Zoho Expense

Whether your business has freelancers or third-party vendors you work with, or if your sellers have a travel and expense budget for client meetings and entertaining, managing these expenses can be time-consuming and a lot of pulling from stakeholders. Thanks to our technology capabilities, however, Zoho Expense gathers all of these needs in one place that makes it easy on all parties. Spenders can easily create reports, drag or upload receipts, and input information in a setting that is user-friendly and intuitive. Your finance teams then gather that data and follow the flow of approvals and reimbursement or payment. Zoho Expense makes the reporting process easy so that your team members can focus on their core work responsibilities and not have to devote frustrating time or energy in creating or maintaining these reports. Your finance teams will also appreciate having a simple go-to tool that houses all of this information so they know exactly where to reference data.

Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Finance Team
  • Zoho Invoice

Monitoring all of the monies coming in and going out is a lot to manage, and these days, there seem to be more and more invoice template capabilities out there for people to use. With Zoho Invoice, you can instruct your third-party project hires to use one simple template that is created by your team so your branding and messaging is consistent, allowing your finance team to instinctively know where they need to look to find the data they need. Additionally, the tool allows your freelancers or temporary project managers to easily track their time so that it’s reflected in the report that they submit, so there’s no need for follow-up or the hunt for additional information. The Zoho Invoice tool can also communicate easily with all kinds of mobile devices, tablets, or computers so your hires can update their progress no matter where they are and submit their reports at any time.

Zoho CRM Solutions for Your Finance Team
  • Zoho Books

Every business, no matter the size or the industry, needs some kind of accounting software that helps their financial teams manage all of the data related to revenue, payroll, bills, taxes, and so on. It’s a lot of data to manage and monitor on an ongoing basis, so tools like Zoho Books will keep everything in one safe and secure place. Because this team also has access to multiple accounts that are otherwise forbidden and hidden from other internal teams, safety and security is a must-have for this team, and Zoho Books is one of the best tools in the business to keep this data safe. With easy-to-pull data and reports, Zoho Books empowers your financial teams to operate efficiently and safely so they can not only perform their jobs easily but also keep the company safe and in proper working financial order.

  • Zoho Commerce

It’s no secret that our society has quickly moved into the digital shopping experience. We continue to see more and more companies shift to a more flexible online shopping experience, and with our devices allowing us to do browse and shop no matter where we are, it’s essential that your business as an ecommerce platform that not only works, but works well with the rest of your productivity products. With Zoho Commerce, your online store will work seamlessly with the rest of your financial management apps within your Zoho CRM ecosystem. This means that any kind of financial activity that happens on this part of your site will be communicated directly to your financial team so that it’s filed appropriately under purchases, refunds, or returns.

  • Zoho Finance Plus

This is really the mother of all finance products that you’ll need for your accounting teams. Not only does this group together all of the products above (and more), but it will communicate easily with the rest of your departments that will need to engage with your financial teams. As mentioned earlier, every team is essential to a company’s success, so having this open and easy communication system in place will ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and processes can continue without lost momentum. Connecting all of these accounting applications will make your financial team’s daily practices easier, and your teams outside of finance can rest assured that all updates are communicated directly to the team through these systems. This saves time, duplication, and energy, allowing your dedicated experts to focus on the jobs for which they were hired, creating more opportunity for customer engagement and greater brand loyalty.

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